1. I've apparently been infected by the Literary Criticism Fairy, so I'm going to share my pain:

    In older cartoons, the maid and the vacuum would have been portrayed as indifferent forces of nature, sucking up the dust bunnies with little to no acknowledgement that they existed.

    In this short, however, we see by the expression on the maid's face that she is an active and malevolent force, seeing the dust bunnies and deliberately seeking to destroy them, with the vacuum as her instrument.

    This shows a shift in the story-teller's perception of overwhelming forces from the old pagan (and, to a certain extent, Christian) idea that Great Bad Things just happen to everyone and were to be borne stoically, to a post-modern idea that Great Bad Things happen to you, specifically (even though they also affect other people) and that this is a result of a directed malicious animus on the part of the Great Bad Thing. In addition, this story contains the idea that great bad things can be overcome and, indeed, utterly destroyed by the self-same creatures that they sought to destroy.

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