From Michael Yon, another reminder of why you should be stocking up


We’ve mentioned Michael Yon’s calls to stock up on food and other essential supplies on several occasions in these pages.  Now he provides two images that illustrate the extent of the problem in most stores today.  Click either image for a larger view.

He calls it “commie stocking”, and warns:

This is how they did it during my years in communists countries. Only it was 100x worse. We moving that direction week by week.

Stock. Up.

Couldn’t agree more, as I’ve said in these pages many, many times.  If you haven’t started building up a reserve supply of food yet, it may be too late for serious efforts, because things are getting worse, not better.  Nevertheless, better late than never.  Start now.

If you look around the Internet, you’ll find plenty of images of store shelves that are either completely bare, or far less filled than they usually are.  It’s nationwide.  It’s not “hoarding” or “panic buying” to take heed of that reality, and do your best to insulate yourself and your family against it – it’s common sense.



  1. From Canada here. Work in a grocery store and we are having supply issues. Company is blaming it on Covid infections at the warehouse and we've been restricted on how much of certain types of products we can order. By certain types I am breaking it down as fresh, frozen, or bulk. Frozen orders are no longer being shipped directly to us instead going to a hub store. Then we have to get it from the hub store which is in a different city.
    That's just my department, some restrictions are being applied as well to other departments.

    I am expecting to see our fresh produce section to become empty as the trucker vaccine mandate kicks in. Things aren't going to be going well here in the near future. At least I got smart and started accumulating stuff awhile ago.

  2. I think that most of us reading here are already up in the choir loft on the subject. But I always appreciate a discussion thread of preps security and examples of shortages in progress.
    As one example, I like Dial soap gold (the antibacterial flavor). It's been out of stock in every store I've checked locally for weeks now. Plenty of the other tutti-fruiti kinds, but no Dial Gold. So I went online, found a great price on 8-packs, and ordered four. Now I hear that the seller is limiting purchases to three. I'll take what I can get and keep stocking ahead as I'm able to.

  3. Thanks to warnings from sites like this, I feel hubby and I are sitting pretty well as far as essential items go and even most non essentials. I have been stocking up as we are able to afford it for months now. And if someone accuses me of "hoarding" I can truly say that we can not shop now and leave what little is available for those who are not prepared. We will also share with our neighbors in need as we have always done.

    In addition to food, automotive parts and industrial supplies are becoming very difficult. Hubby runs the only parts store in town. He is a vendor for mining, construction and logging industries as well as cars. He told me to prepare to tighten our household budget because he predicts his income will drop since he can no longer get product to sell. And he has been very resourceful getting product from anyplace he could, ebay, Amazon, wherever, to help his customers. But even those sources have dried up. Maybe by this time next year it will be better. But then again, that's what we thought last year.

  4. Most likely all of those of us on this side of things are already aware, not that preaching to the converted is necessarily a bad idea. The tragedy will be for all the folks who are mis-served by the standard media who will be standing around asking what just happened.
    I wouldn't want to be in a big city when there is nothing to buy with an EBT card.

  5. I live in Hampton Roads Virginia. I went to my usual grocery yesterday, and I was surprised to see that there was no raw chicken. I have never seen the case empty unless it was for cleaning or was broken. I asked at the register, and they said that they were sold out… I've never seen that before.

  6. Perhaps the revolution that the left has manufactured is about to come. The community of Bast@#ds committees, Decisions made as to outcome, plans laid to subjugate to nation, not the implementation, common cold as an upgrade pandemic, general submission via either you yield or a list is made prior to force, make haulers get shot or stay off he road, surprise…. surprise food shortage miraculously appears. There are insufficient words to express distain and anger…. Walla armed resistance. Just sayan

  7. We had the same experience as @Bigus Marcus here in Central Florida yesterday. No fresh, raw chicken. My wife went while I was taking apart a door frame. She said she has never seen it that short of so many things.

  8. another thing to consider is that we sold most of our meat processing plants to china. and a large portion of pork production as well. you can't buy sausage in my area at any cost, bacon is slim as well. that said, i worked in a grocery as a teenager, we blocked shelves all the time. we hated it. busy work. but that was before the just-in-time supply system. ….logistics: the difference between a click and a boom when you pull the trigger.

  9. Back in my day as a stock boy (55 plus years) the practice was known as false facing. It made the isles look good for the early morning shoppers and lots of managers liked it. Even back then sometimes items weren't available but it didn't look as bad as it is now.

  10. Check your restaurant supply houses, SYSCO, etc, and GFS / Gordon Food Service stores.
    GFS has high gluten bread flour for $26 / 50 lb bag. On Amazon, the same bag was $75.

  11. Caption from a cartoon years ago: We better stock up before the hoarding starts.
    Yer, preachin' to the choir, Rev.

    OTOH, our local newspaper did a big article on the cream cheese crisis. Bakeries, delis, etc. unable to get cheese from the usual sources so they were raiding the shelves at the grocery stores. At the store, shelves were full. Same story for chicken. My freezers are full…

  12. I've just ordered a second freezer as a friend and I are going to split a half a cow. I saw the first empty shelves this week in one of my stores-it was the frozen french fries. I've been stocking up where and when I can, but three weeks down with Covid and a teenage boy home that whole time has bit into my reserves, so I'm buying extras again. Fortunately my hens have still been laying regularly, to the point where rather than give them away, I'm going to see how well eggs freeze. And finally learn to make my own pasta.

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