1. The F-word was certainly part of Carlin's usual schtick, but he could be quite funny without it. Some sketch comedy he did on the Carol Burnett show was perfectly clean yet entirely hilarious. (A friend was showing it on DVD; the original was before my time.)

  2. Ah but George was always true to his roots, and his first big claim to fame was the infamous seven words you can't say on the radio. Which of course played on many radio stations and got them fined.
    As for his remark about Social Security, that ship sailed long ago.
    There is no money in that proverbial lock box. Congress in its infinite wisdom, aka greed, decided they would spend that wonderful cash as soon as it came in from all those payroll deductions and replace it with government bonds, aka IOUs.
    As long as income remained greater that payments out the scam was a great little cash cow that funded many a special project designed to keep elected officials in office. But the flow turned negative sometime in 2014, meaning that to meet their obligations Social Security has to cash in some of those bonds from the lockbox. Thus the cash cow has become a net drain on general revenues. And absent significant changes to the rules even the bonds will run out sometime in the next 20 years or so.

  3. Yes, education. If K-12 is such a great value, why is it that not even the top 20% of students can apply to teach any K-5 class? I mean, you really need 4 years of education to teach elementary school? Tell me that Mr. or Ms. with your stupid educational doctorate.

  4. Mr. Carlin spoke many truths. His commentary on life and the world is just as relevant today as it was when he first spoke the words.

  5. PJ O'Rourke once said: "Anybody who doesn't know what's wrong with America's educational system never an el-ed major." Truer words were never spoken.

  6. George Carlin was pretty profane, but the logic of what he said was sound. I miss him quite a bit – one of my favorite comediennes. RIP George.

  7. anonymous, I don't think what he said about SS was wrong at the time he said it. In that era the notion of a 20 trillion dollar debt was unthinkable. For that matter the fat lady hasn't started her song yet.

    What springs to my mind is how the Global Warming scam is such a nice puppet for the Gores and the big business/government complex to fiddle with to mesmerize the public.

  8. Over the last 40 years or so the focus of educators has shifted towards indoctrination, resulting in the current generation of misinformed America-hating social justice "revolutionaries".
    The very foundations of this country are portrayed as evil, history is rewritten, American exceptionalism downplayed, and diversity (divisiveness) extolled.
    I doubt the trend is reversible- it has infested youngsters and can be expected to mushroom in the future.

    There will be blood.


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