“Germany is committing ritual suicide”. Are we risking the same?


That’s the opinion of Michael Yon, who reports on the ground from Europe.  The scary thing is, the conditions he reports seeing there are precisely and exactly the same conditions we can see in parts of almost all of our big cities in the USA.  I could quite literally, right now, take you to street corners, even entire suburbs, in most large US cities where you can see what he’s describing.  I get e-mails and other contacts from blog readers on a regular basis, describing such conditions.  Therefore, don’t think it’s just Germany he’s describing.  It’s us, too, at least in parts.  That’s even more true when we consider the invasion of millions of illegal aliens, crossing our southern border almost unimpeded.  Many of them are going to end up living precisely as Michael Yon describes – and the present Administration wants it that way.  They’re subsidizing and encouraging it.

Here’s what Mr. Yon has to say.

Mind Dump,

Germans shutting nuclear plants during a life-threatening energy, food, economic, and demographic crisis.

Germans are predictable. Germans live their myths in the play. The inter-generational dance of life. A main German current is Götterdämmerung. Germany will be destroyed, taking Europe with it.

Eagles eagle.

Squirrels squirrel.

Germans Götterdämmerung.

That is their way.

Globalists have little problem persuading Germany to dance to its own mythological resonance.

Bottom line: Europe will soon be stocked with cold, hungry, angry people. Many speak languages most Europeans never heard before. From cultures, they know nothing about. Millions of military-aged males. Tens of millions. Have swept across Europe and are in big towns, small cities, and villages from the South of Italy to the North of Norway.

The good news is that all trains and busses across Luxembourg are completely ‘free.’ Just get on the bus and go.

Literally. Right now. It’s 2 AM here in Luxembourg City. Luxembourg just twenty years ago was still one of the finest places to visit in Europe — meaning in the world.

Tonight, Luxembourg is becoming a shit-zone.

Literally right now. Outside my window by the train station. Africans are selling drugs on two corners. As they did last night from before sunset until sunrise. Am sitting here writing by the window. Big windowsill as the table. Watching zombies

Just stopped writing to make a video of zombies almost fighting again.

Context: This is on Liberte street just at a small monument to American forces for liberating Luxembourg from Nazis. You can almost certainly find this place with a web-search. Downtown Luxembourg City. I am looking at a monument to American forces. A cemetery for our Veterans not far away. I will pay respects.

And now look at this place. Germany and others systematically destroying Europe again. Europe — the Middle East for white people. A mere 24 hours of no lights, a single day, no food to absolute anarchy. Jungle law. Unarmed. And there goes a police car with lights on. Maybe responding to zombies fighting or raping each other. I have no idea. No civilized person in their right mind would be down on that street now unless they just stepped off the train having no idea.

Day and night, groups of African and Middle Eastern young men hang around the train station and on the streets. Clearly thugging.

Am going on my third day here and so far have met a total of one (1) man who identified himself has having been born in Luxembourg.

This place is dead. Free everything until it runs out. I found a Frenchmen tonight and talked with him for about an hour. He’s lived here thirty years. Loved it then. Hates it now. He spontaneously brought up that 2023 this place will explode. I’d say the chances of his being right > 90%.

You see how short these few twitter-sized paragraphs are. I’ve seen three separate altercations break out in the time it took to write the above. I have stopped to watch them, and now a fourth is starting now.

Okay they only shouted and finally walked away in different directions.

Zombie just meandered in on a bicycle. Hardly able to keep on the bicycle. Bicycle-zombie stops. Unzipping pants on sidewalk….and. Yep, now taking a leak on the sidewalk. Does not bother to face the wall.

Last night, all night long, so many drug deals below me. I watched many transactions. Money openly changing hands. Doorway across the street, sometimes several men and women at a time, or singles, and the lighter glows on their face like Hunter Biden.

Druggees staggering around. Several arguments fights nearly came to blows. Repeat tonight.

And Germany continues to shut down its energy, industry, and food supply, while invaders hit the beaches. Huge amounts of Europeans are out at holiday now. On the beaches. Many are probably in Florida, at groomer-Disney. Enjoying their last summer before Europe explodes.

If Europe survives to Christmas 2024 this will be among the greatest of miracles.

But now, tonight, nearly 0300 in Luxembourg City — the former jewel of Europe — I sit on the front edge of the hell to come.

Germany will commit suicide. Ritual suicide is part of the German lifecycle: Götterdämmerung. And they will take Europe along. China will collapse in some way, as will Japan, the United States, and most of the rest.



The stuff of myth

I haven’t been to Europe in a couple of decades, but I have friends and contacts there who keep me updated.  They cross the political spectrum from left to right.  Almost without exception, they confirm the conditions Mr. Yon has described.  A large proportion of them are convinced that Europe cannot survive in its present political, social and cultural form.  From what they tell me and what I see and read in news reports, so am I.

As I mentioned above, the same might be said of the USA in its present form.  If our current Administration wanted to destroy this nation, I can’t think of many things that they’re not already doing.  The progressive left in our country appears to have the same nihilistic, Götterdämmerung instincts as the authorities in Germany and much of Europe.

There are those who throw up their hands in despair, and lament they can do nothing about it;  therefore they can only surrender to the inevitable.  I say that if we take counsel of our fears, we deserve all we get.  Our forefathers did not.  They stood up for what they believed in, and for each other:  “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor“.  Against all odds and rational analysis, they prevailed.  They were confronting a foe comparatively so much greater and more powerful than themselves that it was ridiculous, on the face of it, but they still fought – and they won.

How can we do less?

There’s one factor in Europe for which Mr. Yon may not have made sufficient allowance.  As another blogger has pointed out:

Euros have a proven zero-to-jackboots time lower than just about anybody on the planet. Get Gunter or Pierre all backed into a corner and feeling existentially threatened and you’ll be wishing you hadn’t, faster than you can say “Arbeit Macht Frei“.

The governments and institutions of Europe may be in surrender mode, but that doesn’t mean all of the continent’s people feel the same.  There are nationalistic and right-wing stirrings in many countries, and I suspect that as the situation becomes intolerable, those stirrings will gain support and momentum.  Where they might lead is anybody’s guess, but it’s not going to be a continuation of the status quo, that’s for sure.  History assures us of that.

Our country as a whole, in its present form, may not survive the current worldwide crisis.  That’s happened to many nations in the past, and it probably will in the future until the entropy death of the universe.  That’s no reason to allow all that is good and upright and honest and worthwhile to die, along with all that deserves to die.  We work – and, if necessary, we fight – against such nihilistic instincts, in order to preserve as much as possible of what is good.

I’ve fought that fight in one form or another for much of my life, as have many of my readers.  It looks like it’s a struggle from which there’s no retirement, no ceasing.  Well, better men and women than us have lived their lives – and sometimes given their lives – doing precisely that;  so let’s follow their example.  There are many, many worse things to leave to our children.  Let’s leave them a legacy for which they’ll be thankful, and of which they, and their children, and their children’s children, can be proud, just as we are of what our Founding Fathers left us.



  1. I thought I was done with conflict back in 1990 when I came back to the States from the Middle/Far East. I am 32 years older now and I see a darkness coming.

  2. Got off the train in Odense Denmark (home of Hans Christian Anderson) a few years ago and it was like getting off in Tangiers or Casablanca. North Africans everywhere. Danish relations were crowing about their Socialism. I told them enjoy it while you can.

  3. Ah yes. It's probably best not to provoke the people who turned genocide from a face-to-face, hit-and-miss, military operation into an industrial process

  4. I don't know about them being in Disney, unless they have kids in tow. I do see a number in Sarasota and vicinity (even more Europeans down in Naples, why they come to FL in the summer is beyond me). The ones I do see are wealthy, older, and obnoxious.

  5. Frederick, we come to Florida because there is a high probability of good weather and we've found Florida to be a pleasent place to visit.

    Regarding 'wealthy, older and obnoxiouus' that reflects my experience of American visitors in the UK and Munich in June.

  6. Skylar, your description of Odense matchs what we found in Munich. They seemed to mostly come out in the evening and later. Lots and lots of beggars and groups of 'yutes' looking for opportunities.

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