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I’m still on the road.  Miss D. and I are in Amarillo at present, visiting with Alma Boykin.  We’ll be waving goodbye to her later this morning and heading homewards.

I’d said that normal blogging will resume on Tuesday (i.e. tomorrow), and that still holds.  However, during my few days of relaxation at Blogorado, a number of messages from my law enforcement contacts in various cities have accumulated, awaiting my attention.  They’ve been strongly reinforced this morning by a warning at the Second City Cop blog, written by a number of Chicago police officers.  SCC is stridently critical of the Chicago city administration and its politically correct machinations, and has its finger firmly on the pulse of what’s happening – and about to happen – in the Windy City.  Putting all of these things together, I thought I’d better write this blog post this morning, for the benefit of those who, like me, expect serious trouble to erupt around and after the forthcoming elections.

Second City Cop quotes one of their sources as saying the Mayor of Chicago is “in full panic mode” at the prospect of losing many officers to retirement in the imminent future.

City Hall and a clueless subservient 35th Street are in full panic mode as of Jan,Feb of 2021 we will be losing thousands of officers to retirement. They were caught off guard though by unsuspected retirements with officers that don’t have the age or time just packing it in. By Mar 2021 we will be so dangerously short, at the time of this writing, 1,800 officers with another 500 rumored ready to push the button. The Mayor was told the ONLY remedy in 2021 will be the 12 hour day, mandatory OT and extremely limited time off. Basically you will work 12 hour days and could be subjected to another 8 hour extension.

This is very bad news for the law-abiding citizens of Chicago.  They’re already mired in violent crime and lawlessness.  Without adequate police staffing, that can only get worse.

What’s even more threatening is this information from another SCC source.

There was a post yesterday about the supposed crazy conversations on the 5th Floor and 35th Street and 12hr days and days off cancelled until basically Christmas yada yada yada met with skepticism. Well Boys and Girls I’m on the inside looking out of this crap and it’s even worse. A very nervous and angry Greater Mich Ave Merchants Assoc have been told by the Usual Suspects of BLM, Antifa etc to prepare for chaos until Biden is seated no exceptions. They have instructed their stores merchandise buyers to basically not have any stock in their Mich Ave stores. Our panicked department has through back channels, reached out to The Feds and get 0 response from the Federal Gov’t who have bluntly informed all Mayors that were foolish enough to turn on the President they are on their own.(Case In point Groot whining about no Fed$$$) Expect Red State cities and Reagan Democratic cities to have any violence immediately and swiftly put down. We could conceivably be in a Civil War on our streets from Nov4th until … sometime in early 2021. Expect last summer on steroids in NY, Chicago,Portland, Seattle,SF and poor Austin Texas, expect talk of, get this, some crazed states threatening to secede from the union.start preparing now kids no help is coming and our own neighborhoods could be targeted.

SCC concludes (bold, underlined text is my emphasis):

Anyone paying attention has noted a decided reduction in protests, riots and lighting things on fire – aside from Portland which is a basket case regardless. They haven’t gone away. They’ve gone underground, prepping for November.

There’s more at the link.  I highly recommend reading the entire article (and reading Second City Cop every day – it’s a very good resource on how big-city law enforcement agencies and officers have to deal with politically correct administrations).

The SCC report is bad enough:  but taken in conjunction with other warnings I’m getting from contacts in other left-wing-dominated cities, it’s even worse.  Here are a few snippets from recent messages I’ve received, paraphrased in my own words to prevent the source being identified (which might have negative results for their careers).

  • Portland, Oregon:  “Our mayoral candidates are the current mayor, who supports Antifa and BLM and has severely restricted us in dealing with them, and an opponent who is even worse.  She calls herself the ‘Antifa candidate‘, and word is that she’s a communist in all but name.  Right now, she’s ahead in the opinion polls.  We’re trying to prepare for what we know is coming in November after the election, but we’re being obstructed and restricted at every turn.  Most of those we arrested during the riots were immediately released without charge by the DA, who’s on their side.  We’ve already lost a lot of our best people to resignations and early retirements;  most of those who remain are financially hamstrung, and can’t afford to walk away.  Now some of them are threatening a ‘blue flu‘ response in November, if that’s the only way they can keep themselves safe.”
  • Seattle, Washington:  “Our officers are almost completely demoralized.  They were forced to let extremists get away with the CHAZ fiasco, and literally get away with murder while they were at it.  The Mayor is actively backing Antifa and BLM, and refuses to approve or authorize any meaningful law enforcement action against them, even if evidence is available to justify it.  Even direct threats to murder us or our families are dismissed as ‘just venting’ or ‘harmless talk’.  The riots are clearly organized, with a hierarchy of command and a clear battle plan.  That includes photographing police officers, identifying them and their families and homes, and directly threatening us with ‘consequences’ if we act against rioters in future.”
  • Austin, Texas:  “I think the Mayor and City Council have lost their minds.  Their policies have been shown to be completely ineffective in dealing with crime and unrest, so much so that the State of Texas is threatening to take over city law enforcement;  yet they’re doubling down on stupid and proposing even more of the same.  Word is they’ve ordered our higher-ups to stand down and let the riots happen if more of them erupt, all in the name of ‘avoiding provocation’ and ‘preventing the violence from escalating’.  All that will mean is that our citizens will take matters into their own hands to protect their own lives and property.  This is Texas, after all.  A lot of our residents are armed, and state law is largely on their side in self-defense matters.  The rioters would be a lot safer dealing with us – but our politicians won’t let us take care of business.  It’s almost as if they want martyrs.”

There have been a few other messages in that vein, from friends in law enforcement in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City, St. Louis and elsewhere.  Since those messages cited specific incidents that might lead to the identification of their authors, I’ve chosen not to quote from them, even paraphrased.  I don’t want those who tell me things to suffer for their candor.

Put all those sources together – the Second City Cop article and the reports from people on the ground in some of the cities most affected by crime, violence and urban unrest – and we have a recipe for very serious trouble after the elections.  I hope and pray that doesn’t happen . . . but the signs are there for those who can read them.

I can only suggest that those of my readers who live in or near trouble spots should prepare themselves accordingly.  If possible, it might be a good idea not to be there during or immediately after the November 3 elections, giving yourselves space and time to assess the situation before deciding whether or not it’s safe to return (particularly if you have families who are dependent on you to help secure them against harm).

As for those of us living in the safer environs of north Texas . . . we’ll be locked and loaded, just in case.  I doubt we’ll have any serious trouble where we are.  Some of our friends from more threatened parts of the country may visit with us for a few days, just in case.



  1. Peter …
    First, safe travels. In addition to Second City Cop, I offer some additional Chicago-themed blogs for your "enjoyment" – terrific source for accurate crime states – the news not reported by MSM – title speaks for itself

  2. Yeah, but didn't the moronic white pooplib residents vote for this stupidity? As a Texan, damn shame what has happened to Austin. I visit there one in a while; homeless camping out everywhere which is something I did not see there even 10 years ago. Too bad we can't deport the libtards.

  3. And in Denver a leftist shoots an unarmed protestor. They were in an argument from the film I've seen but there did not appear to be any physical threat. Wonder what charges, if any, will be brought and how Gofundme will react to this incident, which appears to be stretching the boundaries of "legitimate" self defense?

  4. "…It's almost as if they want martyrs."

    I strongly suspect that's exactly what they want. And I'm afraid that that's exactly what they're going to get. My lay opinion us in agreement with SCC, and it's going to hit the fan in 3 weeks or so.

    Be careful, folks

    1. @Mike, that's the way to bet. Not only do they want martyrs, but they haven't lost their minds. It's right out of the playbook. Some of the council members may be mindless twits, but others know full well what they're doing and why.

  5. Here in Idaho, my hispanic neighbor has a "Thin Blue Line" flag out. I suspect that anyone foolish enough to do anything more than wave antifa/BLM banners in a public space will accumulate enough lead to be declared a toxic waste site when they get interred. I know demographics have changed since I was in high school, but if I had to guess, I would estimate at least 50% of the households in town have at least a .22 and a scattergun, probably a "deer rifle" as well.

  6. Chicago has gone from "I'd rather not deal with it, but I can – for at least some of it – if need be." to "Oh HELL NO!" this year.

  7. Welllllllllllll, Mr. Trump COULD declare martial law in these cities, but first he should tell the mayors that there will be NO FEDERAL FUNDING for rebuilding their cities that they did not even attempt to stop the burning and trashing. "YOU let it happen; YOU are responsible."

  8. This kind of crap has probably been going on quite a while now
    ….just look at the way the gangs and drug dealers have been ruling the major cities for better than two decades now.

  9. One small point… In order to have martyrs to the cause, the majority has to feel like the martyr didn't deserve what they got.

    At the moment, the scale is rapidly tipping towards "Yeah, so what? They get what they deserve, and that's a mass grave out in the countryside… I'm tired of paying welfare benefits to these purple-haired dysfunctional freaks. And, I'm done with them blocking me from getting to work where I make the money to pay the taxes that enable their lazy worthless asses to eat…".

    So… Martyr yourselves, freaks. People probably won't give a damn, outside your smaller-than-you-think circle of fellow freaks.

    Ya gotta remember… In Argentina and Chile, it took decades for the fear and loathing to wear off, and for people to give a damn about the "disappeared". When it was starting up, and while it was going on, the general population was scared spitless of going like Cuba, and they didn't give a damn what it took for the forces of order to keep things ordered.

    In the final analysis, the odds of these people pulling off a revolution are not good. Odds of provoking a major pogrom against their side? Excellent. It won't be pretty, but I don't think they stand a chance, in the long run. Especially if there's an unequivocal victory by Trump. People in general are getting really, really tired of "woke", and there's going to be a counter-reaction to it all, which will include a whole lot of people studiously looking the other way while the necessities are accomplished. Don't be surprised at what happens when the other shoe finally drops.

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