A comment at File 770:

Vox Day, Peter Grant, et al, claim righteously that they are not bots, that they deployed no bot armies to assault Tor. OK. But they can not say there are no bots. It takes a single hacker to raise and deploy a force of bots, and this hypothetical hacker may not have been at the command of or either in communication with VD or any of the principals in Puppy Command.

It’s a wellknown principle of fantasy that when you raise the demons, they escape your control.



  1. I sent out **7** emails last night, and am stuffing envelopes with 7 identical physical letters .. . .

  2. Gee, is this the same Lois Tilton who does/did review for Locus? If so, you really do have to wonder at her objectivity. (Rolls eyes)

  3. Hey cool, you got honourable mention right alongside the devil himself!

    It would be funny if it wasn't so damn sad… Wonder if I should go visit every Waterstone's branch in my city and ask them if they support these people, and if not, what are they going to do about it. Wouldn't it be nice to have a nationwide bookseller on board?

  4. I believe that there is also no evidence that you are not, in fact, an almost perfect simulation of an organinc, naturally grown human being. At least as far as hardware is concerned. However, your software seems to be faulty – it's exhibiting logic failures.

  5. well, it'll be easier enough to tell if there are bots involved … because it's trivial for a bot attack to get up into the tens or hundreds of thousands.

  6. Well to be fair, you write science fiction. So in your case robots should be arguing for their right to be heard.

  7. If someone out there is programming bots that can perform Turing Test level functions… please call me so I can invest.

    That is all.

  8. Yes, the same Lois Tilton who helps pick out the "recommendations and suggestions for Hugo Awards voters" that are the heavily Tor-weighted LOCUS reading list. That Tor has been putting out for over forty years.

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