Gigglesnort! – parking edition

What happens when the Swiss police encounter the Dark Lord’s personal vehicle?

Oh, that’s priceless!  Full marks to the Cantonal Police of Bern in Switzerland for their Yuletide sense of humor.



  1. I gotta admit Darth Vader was one of the most reliable characters in Star Wars – Constant, predictable, you knew exactly what he was about (until the very end, when he switched sides). All the other characters were wishy-washy, confused and uncertain. Only in a Hollywood fantasy would they win.

  2. The "For Luke from papi" gift tag was just wrong.

    Funny how all these independent and fan-based movies are all better than ep 1-3 and 7-9, and are better than the Ewoks (though I'll take Ewoks over Gun-Guns…)

  3. Hey Peter;

    Hilarious, I do remember the Fort Worth Police Dept(I believe) that was doing star war spoofs.

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