Giving a shout-out to good holsters at a fair price

I’d like to acknowledge a holster company that does good work at reasonable prices.  They’re not paying or compensating me to promote them – they don’t even know (yet) that I’m writing this article – but I like to let my readers know about good deals, of which this is one.

We The People Holsters is based in Las Vegas.  They make Kydex inside- and outside-the-waistband holsters for most modern handguns, in both basic black and colorful printed designs.  (Why anyone would want a pink camouflage holster I really can’t say, but apparently there are some who like them!)  The holsters are well made, and less bulky than some of their competition (which makes it easier to conceal a firearm under a shirt or coat):  and their prices are attractive.  I’ve bought half a dozen of their holsters so far (for myself and some of my students) at a cost of $47 each, which isn’t bad at all.  Those I ordered were to fit three models of Glock pistol, the Springfield XDS, Ruger’s SR9C, the S&W Shield 380 EZ and a revolver, and all have been accurately molded to those guns.  They appear adequately strong for normal concealed carry purposes.

I particularly like their holster for Glock pistols with the MOS slide cut (for reflex sights mounted on the slide).  Their OWB model for the Glock 17 is shown below.

I’m experimenting with slide-mounted reflex sights at the moment, and have found that there aren’t many affordable and concealable holsters made for them.  The OWB model from We The People is cut well clear of the optic, yet holds the firearm securely (which is the whole point of a good holster).  I’m wearing it as I sit at the computer writing these words, and find it comfortable.

We The People Holsters gets my thumbs up for a quality product at a decent price.  I’ll be buying from them again.



  1. I'll second the recommendation. Good price, perfect fit for my S&W MP9 (gen 1), appreciate the swag that came with it (sticker and bag)

  2. I’ve been using we the people IWB holsters for over a year. I have them for my sig 226, Beretta px4 storm and one of my m&p shields. Catch them with a sale and you can get a few % off. Their mag carriers fit me well too. Heartily concur with Peter about the value for money.

  3. There are not a lot of holsters available for Charter Arms revolvers. I have a Fobus which works well and is durable. Can't remember what I paid but it wasn't too expensive.

  4. In other news, Ruger bought Marlin (from bankrupt Remington) and will be moving the purchased assets to Ruger factories for production.
    Sayeth the press release, "Long live the lever gun".

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