“Global food inflation has not risen this fast since 2011”


That’s the opinion of Ole S. Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank.  Last month he tweeted:

Click the images (above and below) for a larger view.  Note the steepness of the rise in the graphs he provided.

Keep inflation in the front of your mind.  Mr. Hansen identifies a current year-on-year food inflation rate of 30.7%.  That’s frightening – but not unexpected.  It may get much worse.  As I’ve said here repeatedly, we’re in for a severe dose of inflation, possibly even hyperinflation (which may or may not be “transitory”, as some observers have hopefully suggested).

Look for evidence like that provided by Mr. Hansen.  The mainstream media may ignore it, but we do so at our peril.  It’s easier to prepare for a problem (as best we can, anyway) when we can see it coming, than when it catches us unawares.  I fear most Americans will be caught unawares, because most mainstream media and most politicians are maintaining a deafening silence about what’s happening.



  1. No question it's up… any idjit can see that if they actually track their spending month/month… And .gov is going to be 'generous' and give the military a 2.7% raise this year… Grrr…

  2. It will become harder and harder to hide. The only amusing part will be the increasingly fantastic answers from the current administration…

  3. American spring(summer). no matter how bad things got in the arab world, nothing happened until the wages for a day could not buy the family food for the day. then shit hit the fan for real. coming to America, soon.

  4. Why is the world wide price index rising so steeply? Surely not every government is spending so much.

    There has to be more to this than the US printing so much money, unless the dollar has dropped 30% to much of the worlds currencies, and a quick check does not seem to be the case.

    1. One possible reason may be the craptastic lockdowns. You may recall even the UN came out against them once they realized that lockdowns meant low food production which meant starvation for poor countries. In these countries inflation is dollars chasing scarcity of goods.

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