Go read Tom Luongo on Russia and Ukraine. He has some trenchant thoughts.


Tom Luongo, writing at his Gold, Goats ‘n Guns blog, has several articles about the situation with Russia vs. Ukraine, and the conflict’s wider implications.  Here’s a list in chronological order, earliest to latest, along with an excerpt from each article.

Putin Ushers in the New Geopolitical Game Board (February 25th)

Up until Russia’s invasion of Ukraine … there was something called the ‘rules-based order’ promoted mainly by the US but also supported directly by the European Union and the Commonwealth.

The rules of the ‘rules-based order’ were simple. We make the rules, you follow them. We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want to suit our purpose.

. . .

What’s been clear to me is that those placed in positions of power by Klaus Schwab and the rest of The Davos Crowd they still think we live in this type of world. That no matter what the people want or other countries need, they will dictate the time, place and parameters for any and all confrontations.

. . .

By putting boots on the ground, planes in the air and missiles up the ass of every Ukrainian military installation across the country, Russia turned the ‘might makes right’ argument of the US and Europe on its head.

The game has changed because the rules have changed. It’s no longer a game of rhetorical chicken and virtue signaling.

Realpolitik doesn’t matter a bit when missiles are in the air.

Opening Salvos Thrown – What Are Putin’s Next Steps in Ukraine? (March 2)

This isn’t a war for Ukraine, it’s a war for the future of the entire world. Ukraine represents the hill both Davos and Russia have chosen to live or die on.

. . .

… ask why the financial and informational war has been so intense?

Is it because the West thinks it’s winning or because it’s trying desperately to pivot domestic populations to solidarity after losing massive credibility during the last year with COVID-19 related lockdowns, vax passes, and the unpersoning of whole swaths of Western society?

. . .

So, what are Putin’s real goals? Like I said at the outset, nothing less than breaking the back of Davos and their agents in the US/UK who have tormented Russia for more than a century.

How does he achieve that goal?

Putin is creating incontrovertible facts which his opponents must respond to … he’s setting the operational tempo, like I said last week.

. . .

What’s obvious to me is the neocons and neoliberals controlling the West think they can turn Ukraine into a quagmire for Putin, but what if Putin thinks he can turn Ukraine into a quagmire for them?

Thanks to Putin’s War in Ukraine the Race is On for the Great Reset (March 6)

This has become a race between two radically different versions of The Davos Crowd’s plans for a Great Reset.

And what happens in Ukraine over the next few days/weeks will determine which path to the future we wind up on.

. . .

Ukraine represents everyone’s existential threat.

If the neocons lose, they are done as an influence within foreign policy circles in the West forever because they will have failed to penetrate Fortress Russia.

If Davos loses, their grand plans for global domination become diminished to, at best, the European Union and some parts of the Commonwealth.

If Russia loses, the entire Global South, as Pepe Escobar calls it, fails to escape the fiat, debt-based slavery of the Western central banking cartel, because they will control the flow of Russian natural resources in such a way that they will not be stopped. More on this later.

If you are wondering why everything about this war feels weird or off, it’s because the stakes are so high for everyone. These are the stakes for the world.

Media: More Russian Objectives, Europe’s Troubles, Biden’s Betrayals (March 8)

I’ve been saying for months that the goal of Davos has been to disadvantage, however they can, the US with respect to Europe.

Biden’s announcement today of broad embargoes of Russian energy fit this bill precisely. Because while Biden is announcing these bans, Europe is saying the exact opposite. This is prima facia evidence of Davos’ plans to split the US from Europe over Russia and Ukraine while desperately trying to hold onto Europe’s domestic populations who are rightly freaking out at the cost of energy and food which is only going to accelerate regardless of what they try and do to stop it now.

. . .

The separation of Europe from the US is happening and the US is being pushed into policies completely counter-productive to its needs. The Biden junta is clearly out of control, operating an agenda that further undermines US authority and competence in the hopes that the capital markets do not completely abandon the EU.

I highly recommend that you take the time to read the above articles in full.  Mr. Luongo brings a penetrating perspective to the convoluted mess that is the Ukraine and everything surrounding it.  I don’t always agree with his views, but he makes me think about areas that may be a lot more important than the news of the day would have us believe.

Never forget that the entire Ukraine crisis has been manufactured.  It’s not a natural conflict:  it’s been created by pressure groups within the geopolitical arena, all of which are trying to advance their own agenda(s) at the expense of every other pressure group involved.  They’re all trying to manipulate states, governments and peoples to do things their way, for their benefit – but never for ours.



  1. My sympathy with the Putin mafia government is distinctly limited. I get that Putin and many Russians want to restore pride in their nation, but the entire world, including Russia would be better served by a Russian government that wasn't basically a mafia (see this threadreader twitter thread for an explanation of that).

    On the other hand, even the Russian speakers in Ukraine, despite the corruption and discrimination, want to be part of a nation called Ukraine and definitely not a part of Russia. They didn't want that before this invasion and they absolutely do not want it now – especially the Russian speakers because most of the worst destruction has been on their cities.

    The globalist coalition may also be evil, but in this case the destruction of the current Russian regime is perfectly fine.

    My main concern is that Putin will actually escalate to a nuke when his army runs out of bullets – that's going to be about next weekend unless some kind of Russian miracle occurs.

  2. A good if somewhat dense read.

    I still think the Chinese with all their own internal troubles are using this event to bolster Xi and with the "lets You and Him FIGHT" idea to gain extra land and resources for China (in desperate need of both).

    Pity the Military Football pundits would never read it. They have swallowed the whole "Distraction War" as they chant Putin BAD, Ukraine Brave mythos.

    But this is a Big Circle situation, useful to know about as to SEE just how it will affect my Little Circle (you know things that directly affect me and mine and things I CAN actually DO Something about).

    Plant more potatoes, it's a start. Are you aware that pre-Purina Layer Chow farmers *still* fed their chickens? With WHAT? Mostly free-range bugs and such PLUS Root Crops like Potatoes. Just don't feed them the sun greened ones, mildly toxic. The 1890's Scientific Farmer Magazine found that a 50-50 mix of cracked corn and field peas was optimal for layers and chicks, ground into mash and moistened. Only what they cleaned up in an hour lest it mold (BAD for chickens).

    Got Bicycles and bicycle trailers? Useful for less than 20 mile trips.

  3. Wow, Francis Turner, you’re able to read the minds of thousands of people, across an entire ocean! Tell us more what the Russian speaking people in Ukraine think!

  4. Bicycle and at least a rack is on my list of need to purchase now.

    Need something to make it to the food distribution centers.

    @Brutus thanks for that

  5. Telegraphing his intentions here?

    Klaus has mentioned the conversation I had yesterday with the US President on extending the New START. This is, without a doubt, a step in the right direction. Nevertheless, the differences are leading to a downward spiral. As you are aware, the inability and unwillingness to find substantive solutions to problems like this in the 20th century led to the WWII catastrophe.

  6. Your final sentences are illuminating, and what I have felt for over four years…they’re not hiding the criminal, treasonous, and nefarious activity any longer, blatantly flouting anyone to stop them. So can we do anything about it? Some government moron shows up at my homestead and I may blow a gasket after bottling up all the spiritual discontent turned angst.

  7. Gator McCluskey said..
    Wow, Francis Turner, you’re able to read the minds of thousands of people, across an entire ocean! Tell us more what the Russian speaking people in Ukraine think!

    As it happens there's only a small sea between me and the Eurasian mainland, but that's not important. The way I can tell what they think is by looking at the actions on the ground.

    If the Russian speakers in Ukraine wanted to join Russia they would have handicapped the Ukrainian defenders and welcomed the Russians. There is ample evidence that they did the opposite – i.e. cooperated with the Ukrainian defenders to fight the Russians. The Russians invaders are now destroying Russian speaking Ukrainian cities like Kharkiv so I really doubt support for Russia has gone up

    This is different to Crimea, where AFAICT, the majority were quite happy to become Russian. What the story is in Russian occupied Lukhansk and Donetsk is unclear, but the fact that the rest of those regions were being fought over suggests that desire to be in Russia was limited there too.

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