Going out with a bang

The video clip below allegedly shows an ISIS suicide bomber in northern Iraq, being blown up by Kurdish forces.  Apparently the Kurdish counterfire hit something that blew the suicide vehicle into the air, where it detonated a few seconds later.  Whatever it was, it was a spectacular way to go.

Unfortunately, the suicide bomber’s comrades probably thought his sacrifice was worthwhile, because according to their warped, twisted theology he’ll have attained ‘martyrdom’.  Let’s encourage the Kurds to send as many of them as possible to share his fate!



  1. I give it a 10 for style, a 9 for difficulty and a 9.5 overall.
    Let's see what the Russians score it.


  2. If the first blast didn't kill him then the second surely did, but if not the fall did.
    Allah "how did you die my warrior?
    Doofus "I fell out of a truck"
    Allah "You go to hell"

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