“Gold on the Hoof” is published!

My latest Western novel, “Gold on the Hoof“, third in the Ames Archives series, has been published in e-book format on Amazon.  A print edition will follow soon.

I previously published an excerpt from the book on this blog, to whet your appetite.

The blurb reads:

The Comanche and Kiowa are painting for war in the Texas Panhandle. The US Army is preparing to stop them – but it needs horses to do so. Lots of horses. Walt Ames knows where to find them, and breeding stock for his horse ranch, too. All he has to do is ride down to Mexico, buy them, and bring them back safely. That’s easier said than done.

He and his men will have to cover more than two thousand brutally hard miles, and deal with Indian raiders, Comanchero renegades, bandidos, and would-be horse thieves… not to mention a certain Irish-Mexican redheaded beauty who can make him forget everything else in the emerald glow of her eyes. Walt’s going to need every ounce of his grit and determination, plenty of firepower, and a lot of luck if he’s to convert the gold in his pockets to gold on the hoof.

I had a lot of fun writing this book, including an extended research trip to some of the military installations on the Texas Forts Trail, where part of the book is set, and through the Wet Mountain Valley in Colorado, where Walt’s ranch was established.  I do try to write true to my locations – I learned that lesson from the late, great Louis L’Amour – so there’s always more to be learned.

As always, please help spread the word about my new book to your friends through social media and other means.  Independent authors don’t have the budget to advertise widely, so we rely on you, our loyal readers, to spread the word for us.  Thanks!  Also, please leave a fair and honest review on Amazon once you’ve read the book, even if you didn’t like it (although I certainly hope you will).



  1. And immediately bought.

    Once I get home from work, I can get it delivered to my Kindle, and I'll start reading it.

  2. Hi Peter,
    I've purchased it, and just finished reading it. Thank you for a very good addition to the Ames series.


  3. Just saw the notice. Going there now to buy.
    Have 'Prise' and soon Gold. Both will be in the queue, and probably moved up a bit. Thanks for the output….


  4. Loved both gold on the hoof and Tagri!

    In gold on the hoof when the commancheros were being attacked one of them tried to escape by cutting loose one of the tethered horses, leaping onto it and riding away bareback and bridleless. Then he is shot with a high powered rifle which knocked him out of the saddle.
    Just a small discontinuity….

    I enjoyed the story so much and looked at maps to see where the towns in the story were. That really is a a big area to cover. Thanks for peaking my interest! I really enjoy your storytelling skill! Thanks!

  5. @RHM: Thanks for catching that! I'll fix it, and the update should download automatically once I've published it.

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