Good .22LR ammo deal, if you’re quick

I know some of my readers are still having trouble getting their hands on quality .22LR ammunition.  Well, if you act quickly, SGAmmo in Oklahoma has a great deal on Federal Automatch, which is one of my favorite target and practice rounds.  In my experience, it’s right up there with CCI MiniMags in terms of quality and performance.

A 325-round bulk pack is $22.95, and a 3,250-round case (i.e. 10 bulk packs) is $219.50.

They don’t have many in stock, so be quick if you want to order some.  (They do, however, have stocks of some other brands of .22LR ammo.  Click here, then click on ‘Show only items in stock’, to see what’s available.)  No, they’re not compensating me for this:  I just pass on good deals to my readers.  (I’ve already ordered some Automatch for myself.)



  1. I was going to mention PSA. Cabelas also has had it for $19.99 recently. Watch for when they have free shipping since that can eat up your savings quickly.
    While I have quite a bit of it, I find that some of my guns are picky with it and everything I have will handle Remington Golden Bullet without problems, so I'll keep an eye out for that more in the future.

  2. Since no one can ship ammo to private buyers in Alaska – ground transport of ammo thru Canada is prohibited – none of these sales matter at all to Alaskans. We have to rely on friends to mail the ammo, at great cost, negating the value of any sale, or find deals at local sporting goods stores.

  3. Thank you for the heads up. Finding rimfire at shops is hit and miss. My local Wal-Mart had 100 rounds of CCI CB shorts for $9.97. I like that for shooting in camp during hunting season. Extremely quiet and demonstrates more than plinking grade accuracy.

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