Good deal on barrels for Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 shotguns

CDNN Sports currently has two great clearance deals on shotgun barrels, valid only until noon on Friday 11/06.  One is a 20″ barrel for a Mossberg 500 and/or its clones for just $59.99.  The price includes two screw-in chokes – one cylinder and one extra-full.  This is a particularly useful barrel, because if you have a selection of chokes you no longer need a full-length barrel – the short one will serve for defense and hunting and clay targets.  (With modern powders one no longer needs a long barrel to burn the full charge – it’s usually consumed within the first 14″-16″.)  Yes, I bought one.

(Coincidentally, Midway USA currently has Carlson screw-in choke tubes on sale, so you can stock up on them at bargain prices.  I just did – I needed to replace some older chokes with worn threads, and wanted a few spares, so I bought 12ga. and 20ga. sets of IC, Mod and Full chokes for both Remington and Mossberg shotguns, along with a wrench and a choke tube case for each set.  It’s nice to have everything in one container for each gauge and model of shotgun.)

CDNN also has a 20″ barrel for the Remington 870 shotgun, also for $59.99, although this one can’t accommodate screw-in chokes.  That’s a pity, but it’ll still do good service as a shorter barrel for home defense, reserving your long barrel for hunting and clay pigeon shooting.

(I don’t receive any consideration from either company for mentioning or promoting their wares.  I simply like to pass on news of good deals when I find them.)


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  1. Thanks for the deal finder information. Those are very reasonable prices – most barrels I've seen on line list for higher.

    I am looking at purchasing an 870 20 Gauge fully rifled 20" rifled sight barrel for my old Express Youth model. It came with the then standard 21" Rem-Choke barrel. I don't live in a state requiring only shotgun permissible deer hunting, but it pays to be prepared for 'just in case'.

    I'd recommend that you do the research to be sure the specific barrel fits YOUR receiver. You are correct – other than a bit louder, the short barrel is handier and patterns just fine.

    Thanks again.

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