1. The claim that Trump paying off an old bedmate is simply a sign of how completely desperate the Democrat establishment is. They haven't GOT anything else. Midterms are coming up and I suspect they are getting bad news from their pollsters. The temper tantrum they've been throwing since election night 2016 is proving unpopular with the voters. The economy is booming. Blacks are deserting them to support Trump (not in huge numbers, but the Donks think of those votes as their property). They have issues that rile up their far Left base….but those same issues either bore or turn off the undecideds they need to win over.

    This is gonna be interesting.

  2. The issue is how she was paid off: by a third party during election season, which seems to constitute an in-kind campaign contribution that exceeds limits.

    A second issue is that the third party seems to have been reimbursed via fraudulent billing that was later used to claim a tax deduction as a business expense.

    If Trump had just written a personal cheque, this wouldn't be nearly the issue it is.

  3. The left wing social progressives and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) have an amazing aptitude for hypocrisy. JFK and Bill Clinton were both horndogs, but that's private business so nothing to see here, move along. Trump's a very rich man who loves him the ladies, impeach, impeach!
    So when does anyone in his position ever write a personal check for anything directly? Everything is through lawyers, and various accounts. He had his lawyer pay someone off to keep her mouth shut then reimbursed the lawyer out of his personal wealth, not campaign money ever. But since after a year and a half of desperately digging for Russian collusion to no avail, this hail Mary is all they have left.

  4. @Uncle Lar:

    The Left doesn't recognize hypocrisy. The only opinions they care about are their fellow travelers; opinions from anyone to the right of Stalin don't matter to them.

    That's why they can't be shamed.

  5. The philandering occurred earlier than just JFK. FDR was boinking his secretary, long time, and the newsies knew about it. Eleanor lived practically separate from Franklin, and she ran the White House, basically a shadow president, for years.

    All well known before WWII, all well covered up and forgiven as 'he was a great man.'

    Give me a break.

    Trump, yeah, Trump dicked around. And he paid for it. Legally. The only one who really has any say over the matter is Melania, and she seems happy with him.

    I'd much rather a president who paid for his 'sins' than one who committed rape and abuse and used the power of the State to cover up and intimidate his victims, all with the complicity of the media. Or used drugs while in office, like the last denizen did.

    And as to Manafort, well, didn't the previous administration have scads of tax cheats and frauds working for them, without much happening to the scofflaws than removal from their positions, often to better paid jobs as advisors?

    Nice job, people. Way to fairly report and prosecute.

  6. @ Beans;

    I think the Democrat establishment is going to find that the only people who care if Trump was boinking porn stars and such are people who were going to vote Democrat anyway. And that enough of the rest are sick of them and their antics that the Blue Wave might turn out to be a Red Tide.

    We'll see.

  7. As long as the SES does not have the cover of a benevolent congress and excutive branch this will continue.

    The only thing that can solve this is a complete dissolution of the US. This will be preforce a indication of the book of revelation.

    We have denied Christ in this country and we are about to get the results.

  8. All the Dems will vote against Trump, and lie and lie until they're under oath in trial, and maybe even then.

    They act as if a majority of elite have the same lie, by a secret of elite democracy, it becomes true. At least for the elite. Meaning the chosen elite have Get Out of Jail Free cards, pre-made.

    It's disgusting.

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