Got the crud again…


Last weekend we (the North Texas Writers, Shooters and Pilots Association, as we tongue-in-cheek refer to ourselves) gathered for our usual Saturday supper.  Unfortunately, one of our number has since tested positive for COVID-19.  He’s self-quarantining, of course;  he says it feels like a head cold, nothing too serious (I’m assuming he probably has the Delta variant).  Another couple weren’t feeling very bright and breezy, and had themselves tested, but so far are negative for COVID.

I began to feel feverish and a bit under the weather yesterday afternoon.  I haven’t been tested yet – that’ll probably happen today – but I’ve got hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and zinc and Vitamin D supplements, so I’m well equipped to deal with it if necessary.  I started a course of hydroxychloroquine last night, and I’ll continue that until I know for sure whether I have teh Covids.  If I do, I’ll keep it up for a week.

At any rate, I’m going to take today slowly, and sleep as much as I can.  Blog posting will be suspended for the rest of the day.  Please go read the bloggers in my sidebar;  they write good too!  For those of you so inclined, prayers for good health will be appreciated.

Thanks, friends.



  1. Hope you feel better.
    I read an article that said that health officials were concerned that people would get the Delta variant confused with the common cold.

  2. Twice now, you've gotten sick from people that are feeling ill but come to group gatherings. Sounds to me like you have a bunch of inconsiderate people in your writer's group.

  3. Get well soon! I seem to recall reading that getting both more easily spread and milder is a common pattern with diseases. How many years until “COVID” and “Cold” are considered equivalent by most people?

  4. When was the last time you had your Vitamin D levels checked? And you do know to keep those levels at optimum levels you have to take it everyday with C and K2? My blonde-haired brother discovered he need 10,000 IU a day to keep his levels up and he works outside.
    And what Brian said about this being twice. Y'all seem to be passing it around amongst yourselves. If you are sick, stay home!

  5. Here's hoping it's just a common cold. And the individual didn't get sick until Sunday, so no idea anything was wrong on Saturday… FYI Brian

  6. Passing germs around is part of life. Either we can all live in bubbles and never catch anything, or we can routinely test and challenge our immune systems by sharing space with other humans. I know which I choose, every time. I have autoimmune disorders (yes plural) and it's good for my immune system to have an external enemy rather than waging constant civil war on my body. I won't go out and about if I have symptoms, and polite folks won't either. However, you can begin to shed virus before you realize you're sick.

  7. Ugh. My wife and I seem to have come down with the latest flavor a couple of weeks ago, despite all our efforts (which suggests that it really is fantastically contagious). Feels like a mild but very tenacious head cold, plus rather a lot of inexplicably sore muscles, plus an intermittent bad headache. Unpleasant, but, at least for us, not even vaguely life-threatening.
    This virus does seem to be mutating into yet another species of "common cold" – as Leslie Eastman suggests happened to the Russian Flu. Meanwhile, the political anaphylaxis continues to escalate, as red-state deplorables are blamed for the emergence of variants in places like India and Brazil and the Nerfworlders demand that their world be transformed into the aseptic capital city of the Mongol Empire as depicted in the Buck Rogers comics.
    Get well soon, and keep us posted.

  8. @AZshooterLSR and Hair:

    I asked my medical practitioner for a prescription for hydrochloroquine. Earlier in the pandemic these were unobtainable, due to "official" disapproval, but they're easier to get now.

    As for ivermectin, you can get the pharmaceutical pills if you wish, but veterinary applications can be bought without prescription at any farm supply store. There's an apple-flavored paste, which tastes ghastly but can be mixed with jams or preserves, and an injectable solution, which can be put into a glass of Gatorade or some such flavored drink to disguise the taste. For full instructions, see:

    (Ignore the rhetoric and look for the facts.)

  9. There's at least one online doctor set up to take your medical details and, if satisfied, prescribe ivermectin and some other things as contingency supplies for in case you get the coof.
    Official ivermectin-for-people, cheap and plentiful in most places where it's widely used, is shockingly expensive in the U.S. if you're not going through the third-party payment ("insurance") system. Overseas pharmacies may have sane pricing, but are slow (which may be OK if you haven't been exposed yet). Major chain pharmacies may have online discount coupons available.
    If your primary-care doctor is amenable to prescribing such things, all's well, but if not, or if you're looking to lay in a reserve supply without risking exposure by venturing into a big crowded medical building, there are still options.

  10. Thank you, froginblender…I'm very familiar with that website and have contacted a couple of doctor's offices listed. Guess I'll just have to swallow the high cost of a consult in order to get the very affordable drug.

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