Gotta watch out for them babies . . .

I had to laugh while reading this report.

German police have rescued a man after he called for help saying a baby squirrel would not leave him alone.

. . .

Officers sent a patrol car out to investigate and arrived to find the chase still in full flow. But the drama ended suddenly when the squirrel, apparently exhausted by its exertions, lay down abruptly and fell asleep.

Officers took pity on the animal, which had probably become separated from its mother. Police said it likely targeted the man because it was in search of a new home.

“It often happens that squirrels which have lost their mothers look for a replacement and then focus their efforts on one person,” said Christina Krenz, a police spokeswoman.

. . .

“A squirrel will be our new mascot, it will be christened Karl-Friedrich,” said the police write-up. “The squirrel has fallen asleep in fright.”

Krenz said: “It was just a bit of fun. The officers thought up a name that would suit the baby squirrel.”

Officers took the sleeping Karl-Friedrich into police custody, and then to an animal rescue centre, where it was said to be doing well.

There’s more at the link.

Scared of a baby squirrel???  Heaven help him if he’s stalked by a new-born kitten or puppy!  He’ll probably go into hysterics . . .



  1. Things that are capable of climbing onto your back and staying there, and anything that can attack as a swarm, is not a joke. It's also quite reasonable to back away from anything that appears to be a baby because you never know if an angry mother is going to beat some sense into you.

  2. In fairness I'm always a bit cautious with any wild critter that acts strangely.
    Too many cases of distemper and rabies to be taking chances.

  3. I know of several stories where squirrels have been uninvited nuisances. I've seen them chase people across campus. I know of one that invaded a lady's apartment. Don't trifle with the RLF

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