Gun bans: preparing for the inevitable?


Following my article yesterday about gun control, I’ve had a number of queries from people who believe that a gun ban – partial or full – is inevitable, thanks to demographics and political trends.  They believe that relying on constitutional protections is illogical and irrelevant, because the powers that be will simply ignore those protections.  Sadly, they may be right.

For those wishing to prepare for such an eventuality, I recommend a series of three articles published on SurvivalBlog a few years ago.

I hasten to point out that the steps outlined in those articles are legal under current United States law.  If that law changes, they may no longer be legal.  For the record, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you remain in compliance with current law.

Legalese accomplished, on to the articles.

Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban – Part 1

A full gun ban in the United States is inevitable. Any honest reading of the cultural, legal, and demographic trends in the United States will confirm this thesis … ultimately, we will lose the fight because this isn’t your grandfather’s America anymore …

. . .

You will have a choice to make– obey the law or become a felon. That decision will change your relationship with the government permanently. If you comply, you risk exposure to crime and unlawful government force. If you resist, you will become an outlaw. This article seeks to prepare you for that fateful day.

Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban- Part 2

The National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) requires the registration of fully-automatic firearms, suppressors, short barreled rifles, and short barreled shotguns … the vast majority of gun owners would not risk the penalty to possess an unregistered NFA item, and for good reason; the rewards aren’t worth the risk. Accordingly, most NFA items were dutifully registered in the various amnesty periods that were offered by the Federal government … [Under a new gun ban] I propose that most “responsible gun owners” will register their weapons, just like their grandfathers did in 1934 and 1968. You will, too.

. . .

it is my belief that reasonable and fully legal action now is a wise course of action, given the strong possibility that a dramatic change to gun regulation is inevitable. The next section will provide guidance on how to protect your gun collection from future registration and confiscation.

Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban- Part 3

In order for any registration scheme to work, transfers between individuals without government participation cannot be allowed. Once the ability to anonymously purchase a firearm is eliminated, their confiscation/registration scheme is viable.

. . .

Plain Jane is the order of the day for your off-the-books collection. Keep it common and keep it simple … Think about your needs and the needs of your heirs in this future world, and take action now to prepare yourself.

I recommend all three articles for your consideration.  Also on SurvivalBlog, you’ll find an article titled “The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny“, with further suggestions.  I don’t agree with all that the author says, but you’ll have to make that judgment for yourself.  It’s worth reading.



  1. Make out copies of purchase receipts for reasonable sums to the guy you sold your gats and mags to: John Doe, 12345 Smith St, Smithville. Even better, Make it Jose Schmidt, an undocumented immigrant….

  2. If you don't have firearms without an associated 4473 and background check, you might want to think about getting some but that is much harder with so many flea markets and gun shows closed for the last year and prices skyrocketing for private sale used firearms.

  3. I agree with the idea that Stefan states,
    BUT i suggest better prep.
    For all of those who think the story about –
    "lost on my last fishing trip"
    Is a good idea, think about this.
    You are dealing with fanatics that have unlimited budgets and massive manpower to deal with things they either don't want…
    like an American with a means to resist,
    an American who feels like they can thumb their nose at the Authorities.
    Unless you like the notion of a massive bureaucracy, and crowds of Abusive Public Servants focused like a laser on YOU, YOUR family, YOUR business, YOUR house and any and all of YOUR soon to be Ex friends and neighbors…DON'T be that guy.
    When the PooPoo comes asking about your guns, be polite, be helpful, be respectful.
    Show them your bills of sale (WHAT bills of sale you might ask?)
    Here is where prior prep can save your bacon.
    Big town newspapers are FILLED with the names of petty criminals.
    (Look for identity thieves, Welfare cheats, and credit card fraud.
    With a little research you can find their complete names, address and other details.
    The bills of sale that you faithfully memorialize will do wonders.
    As a bureaucracy is inclined to believe what they want to believe. As long as these bills of sale lead them to known scoundrels and away from a dutiful and respectful upstanding citizen. Then those Abusive Public Servants will be much more likely to focus on the problem down the street that has safe boating problems than on you.

    If you happen to ask for their help in getting your money from the gun sale because the perp passed a hot check,
    then all the better for infecting them with amnesia about anything and everything about you…

    It is all in how you prepare to win that makes the difference…

    MSG Grumpy

  4. I've been told that some people view the obituary pages as sources of potential buyers. The reasoning is that if they can vote then they can own a gun.

  5. I think there is going to be a shift on some hot button weapons. Specifically modern military pattern rifles. Action on AR/AK “pistols” and the not a sawed off sawed off shotguns also seems likely.

    Personally I’ve shifted to a couple of revolvers and a double barreled shotgun for my core home defense during these times. I have higher capacity weapons in case things get bad enough that 911 isn’t bringing the cops anymore.

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