Hard at work

Sorry about the light blogging today.  I’m about 82,000 words into my work in progress, and I’d like to finish it by next week, so that I can get it out to alpha readers.  They can read it over the next week or two, and make suggestions and comments, which I’ll incorporate in the publication version.

I’ve been working very hard on the book over the past few weeks, and the end is in sight. With luck, you’ll see another military science fiction novel in January.  Wish me luck!



  1. What? A writer writing instead of blogging? Tisk Tisk.

    Types she who did the same thing earlier this week…

    LittleRed1 (aka Alma Boykin)

  2. utmost respect for your writing, as a reference my writing would be like the fellow beating on the locked gate, perhaps the same motivation too.
    best wishes to you and the household, cats and all.

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