Has the FBI institutionalized malfeasance of office?

I’m glad that the Attorney General has withdrawn the charges against General Flynn:  but I’m sickened that they were ever brought at all.  The entire affair demonstrates that a major US government agency deliberately disregarded both the law and the facts in going after an individual for partisan political purposes.

Something has got to be done about this.  It’s simply intolerable to think that those responsible can continue their lives and careers, getting away with their crimes – because they were crimes.  Be in no doubt about that.  If we allow them to pass now, then future administrations and bureaucrats and officials will take that as a sign that they, too, can get away with it.  Examples need to be made.  Heads need to roll – and very senior heads, at that – not only through dismissals, but through criminal prosecution, too.

Tucker Carlson put it very well.  Please take the time to watch the video below, if you haven’t seen it already.  He hits all the right notes, IMHO.

Senior officials were willing to destroy the life and livelihood of an innocent man, in order to get at his boss.  Politics triumphed over the rule of law – at least in the past.  That may have been prevented, finally, in General Flynn’s case . . . but there’s nothing except the rule of law to prevent it happening again.  That’s a very scary thought.  Therefore, that rule of law needs to be applied to the perpetrators.  It’s as simple as that.



  1. Unless and until the entire cabal (and not just a few token sacrificial scapegoats) are at least imprisoned for the rest of their lives, or ideally subjected to capital punishment for sedition and conspiracy, then the rule of law does not exist.

    Even now the communists continue by shrieking that the partial thwarting of their acts to overthrow an administration is a perversion of justice. They know what they planned, and they know what they did. Remember HRC's infamous warning to her fellow travelers regarding the potential of the discovery of their evil: "If that f…ing bastard wins we all hang from nooses!"

    Their stay-behind teams are still implanted throughout the government bureaucracy. That you say "there's nothing except the rule of law to prevent it happening again" flies in the face of the reality that it is still happening as we speak.

    Unless severe pain is brought to bear upon all of the perpetrators, and publicly so that all can see the consequences, the "rule of law" will not be resurrected.

  2. What BFR said. It always infuriates me when Sean Hannity says 99% of the FBI are decent and honest. That is utterly false. The whole system is rotten. Recall the Boston FBI office's decades long conspiracy with the Boston mob, including FBI agents serving as mob killers. I worked for the NLRB from 1978 to 2000 in Alaska. The local FBI office once intervened in a case and gave us perjured testimony. When the head of the NLRB complained about it to FBI headquarters, he was silenced by threats of personal destruction. To his shame, he gave up. Nothing ever came of it. To my shame, I kept silent as well.

  3. The system is rotten. Nothing will be done to anyone associated with this.

    Protecting the institution is all that matters to any of them.

  4. I agree with Charlie.

    Nothing will be done to the American noble class. Not to the FBI, not to the pedophiles, not to the traitors.

    Meanwhile the elite continue to push forward towards the goals stated on the Georgia Guidestones.

  5. Here's what puzzles me.
    By all accounts General Flynn was a very highly regarded officer respected by his troops.
    Our military has always had, shall we say, "field expedient" solutions to problems when the systems in place fail to provide proper and adequate support.
    That entire cabal of FBI, DOJ, and other agency types spitting on our laws and institutions in order to promote the failed Obama policies well into the Trump administration will almost certainly not receive their due and righteous punishment.
    In a just and honorable world former director Comey and all his buddies would suddenly find themselves subject to a long string of strangely unfortunate accidents, serious and potentially fatal.
    I'm hoping that this is just any number of special ops guys and gals waiting to see the official mechanisms play out before doling out a bit of plain old military justice.

  6. Are the Progressives disgusting? Sure. Is Obama a deeply tanned Clinton, minus what few ethics Bubba has? Absolutely! But let's not get all fainting-couch-ey ov er corruption. This level of corruption is NORMAL. The Progressive Left got about control of the News media for a while to gloss over most of it, but if you think for a minute that JFK and LBJ and FDR didn't use the power of their offices to destroy people for political advantage, you haven't bee paying attention. And worldwide, our government is a vast improvement on the average.

    Which doesn't mean that Obama and his stooges shouldn't be crucified.

  7. Flynn was the victim not because he was conveniently situated or because he was a stone in Obama's shoe. He was selected because he'd had the temerity to go against FBI bigwigs when women under those parties filed sexual harassment cases.

    That's it. That's the entire reason he went through what he went through–He had the balls to take the complaining female agent's side in their cases against the men running the FBI.

    There's also the little fact that most of this crap was going on in the counterterrorism division of the FBI, which makes you wonder about a lot of things. It certainly does not speak well of the men running that division, or their competence.

  8. With the almost 100% conviction rate in Federal Court, it's amazing that Michael Flynn was exonerated.

    I am glad all the corruption is coming out, but there is a lot more work to do.

  9. Uncle Lar,

    Regarding General Flynn: I honor his service and his personal integrity. The fact that he naively thought that there is such a thing as an innocent conversation with federal agents is not a glowing exemplar of the wisdom needed for a national security advisor. He was "surprised"; that is something that should never happen to a three star and former head of a major IC department. He did nothing wrong, but his lack of reality-grounded cynicism made him an easy target.

    The left permeates EVERY element of U.S. government including the military. Do not give way to the temptation to think that any legacy of honor exists in the upper realms whatsoever, and in the lower echelons the paycheck and retirement is always in play.

    Just like the "oh but the rank and file" refrain that is often used regarding the FBI. Really? Show me all of the rank and file whistle blowers, and the rank and file that resigns en-masse and make public proclamations…sound of crickets.

    You are living in a culture that murders millions of infants and where mothers encourage drag-queen perversion lectures for their children. Unless God in His mercy grants national repentance, we will go the way of all dissolute nations.

  10. The culprits will never be convicted, since the jury pool has to come from D.C., but they should nonetheless be prosecuted and tried until broke and financially ruined.
    Pour encourager les autres.

    Sauce for the goose…

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