Has pedophilia become a national disease?


Francis Porretto asks the question.

We’ve had a rather substantial amount of evidence to the effect that organized pedophilia is rampant among the higher-ups in government, entertainment, and the media. Jeffrey Epstein was incarcerated for suspicion of it, and died while awaiting trial. Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of it and is serving a long prison sentence as we speak. Roman Polanski openly admitted to raping a fourteen year old girl. Harvey Weinstein may have been involved in it. Then there’s the “pizzagate” phenomenon, which though it was (unconvincingly) pooh-poohed by the media, remains unexplained.

No decent person can understand any of it. But that doesn’t make it go away.

Now Facebook … is running an advocacy ad for normalizing pedophilia:

The man of normal inclinations doesn’t want to believe that such a thing is possible. Yet there it is – and a major social-media site that aggressively and humorlessly censors conservatives, pro-lifers, and a President of the United States seems to have no problem with it.

What the Hell is going on here?

There’s more at the link.

The reality of pedophilia is almost too ghastly to contemplate.  In times of war across the African continent, I often came across children who’d been raped by combatants;  and, in South Africa, I more than once had to deal with the unspeakable evil of babies being raped as a purported “cure for AIDS”.  As a pastor in America, I’ve sometimes had to deal with it in some of the families I served.  As a prison chaplain, I had to deal with those who perpetrated it – and some of them were evil to the core, even claiming religious justification for their actions while daring me and the “system” to do something about it.  The number of times they chanted at me, almost like a mantra, “You can’t judge me!” . . . it was sickening.  Suffice it to say that while I won’t judge the state of anyone’s soul (that’s God’s prerogative), I can and did (and still do) judge an individual’s actions – and rampant pedophiles’ actions, and those who support them, tell me all I need to know about them.

I find it hard to believe – I don’t want to believe – that pedophilia is rampant in higher circles in this country, but the evidence certainly suggests it.  Consider the number of people who accepted Jeffrey Epstein’s “hospitality” on his island in the Caribbean, and how frantic their efforts have been to prevent knowledge of their presence coming to light.  Consider the scandals we know about, and ask yourself how many scandals we haven’t learned about.  I think pedophilia may be far more prevalent than any of us would like to admit.  The question is, how can we expose it, and punish those involved?  They’ve taken good care to cover their tracks, and they aren’t above using the official resources they control to “get to” those trying to unmask their activities, and frustrate their inquiries.

As a pastor, I shouldn’t say this, but I have a visceral and very negative response to pedophiles.  You only have to experience a terrified infant or child once, screaming, crying, trying desperately to get away from you because you’re a man, and another man has done unspeakable things to him/her, and therefore he/she can’t trust any man at all, to develop such a response.  I’ve seen that more than once.  It haunts your memories.

Jesus said:

“Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come.  It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.”

It may not be very pastor-ly of me, but I’ll be happy to subsidize the millstone(s) and the rope(s), and assist with the throwing.



  1. I'll lend a hand. I'm pretty good with knots. We wouldn't want them to come loose on the way to the bottom.

  2. I'm with you on this but I don't and won't forget the mcmartin preschool catastrophe and the people who did that in law enforcement deserve to go to Hell for that along with the juries that convicted those poor bastards. You got the same sort of thing out of law enforcement at Waco where they decided the only way to make sure the kids were safe was to burn them alive.

    How is Epstein dead and Maxwell locked up forever and not one single pervert that rode the lolita express has been so much as troubled by the police paying a call on them?

  3. any abuse or mistreatment of the innocent is abhorrent, and I agree with your statements… and I'll pitch in and assist any way I can!

  4. Ugh…
    I don't want this to be true, but I can't deny the evidence.
    To me, it is part and parcel of the moral degradation of our country, and the lack of punishment of those involved is part of how there are different rules for certain people.

  5. A couple of years ago a guy got off on the charge of raping an infant because one of the jurors just couldn't bring herself to believe anyone could do that. There was all kinds of evidence and testimony, but she thought it was just too abhorrent to be real.

  6. Peter, it’s very “pastorly” of you. Pastors are shepherds. The shepherd’s job is to protect the flock from wolves (and other predators). These “people” are wolves.

  7. I thought that this must be bogus. All it took was three clicks on my computer to confirm that it was. Why put out and post up stuff like this, on this otherwise trusted blog? It makes the rest of us, who are to the right of center, look like we are stupid, easily duped, foolish conservatives, and that this is just one more example that demonstrates that viewpoint.


  8. @bultaco1495: I note that the Reuters "fact check" merely states that TED did not endorse the advertisement. It does not speak about the fact that the advertisement exists. I've seen arguments both for and against its authenticity – and the fact checkers questioning it are uniformly from left-wing perspectives, which gives me cause to ponder.

    YMMV, of course.

  9. As Christians it's time we stopped sitting on the sideline wringing our hands. Time to stand up and put a stop to this evil whatever it takes.

  10. Totally agree that this is not a disease. It is a mental defect (either genetic or caused by outside stress) that is only 'curable' by elimination of the host.

    In that respect it resembles demonic possession. Kill the host, the 'demon' goes away.

    I've met too many kiddy diddlers to think that any one of them could change for the better.

    It's almost like they have a demon seed in them. Resist the temptation, struggle with it and the seed stays unsprouted. Once sprouted, there's no going back.

  11. The late Andrew Vachss put it perfectly 'When an animal attacks a child, we put it down. When a human attacks a child we rehabilitate them'. If you haven't heard of him, he fought the fight on the side of the children for most of his life. Go look him up.

  12. Jesus did not say that people who cause harm to children will be thrown into the sea with a millstone around their neck.

    He said that would be preferable to what will actually befall them.

  13. Progressives have always sought to destroy the nuclear family. Directly abusing kids or stating that such is acceptable is another strike against the family, as the main point of family is that kids are supposed to be protected by the family and allowed to grow into normal people.

  14. Pedophilia is one of the major foundational problems with Middle-Eastern cultures. Essentially every Arab boy has been raped many times. That's a large part of why the men are so screwed up.

    Pedophilia has been an accepted part of the Bohemian lifestyle adopted by Western intellectuals and elites for centuries. Eliminating it was one of the benefits of the American Revolution, and one of the reasons why Americans used to instinctively distrust intellectuals.

  15. Just this morning I was thinking how Jesus fashioned a whip to do some on-the-spot dealing with evil, the irony being that it was right there in the temple of all places. Sound familiar?

    The number of committee meetings he must have saved (before something was finally done) must be mind boggling.

  16. Lucie, Link is bad.
    Kamas716 brings up a good point. "Right Thinking People" find the idea so abhorrent that they refuse to believe it can be happening. One of the hardest parts of this fight will be convincing the "Jesus is Love" crowd that these Evil Folks do exist, that they come in both sexes, and that "Yes, they "really" do those things. And, Most of them Like Doing it!
    Sometimes I weary of "nice people" who hold others back because they "don't believe" anyone is that bad, or can enjoy doing 'those type of things'. They claim to be "Christian" when in fact they are nothing of the kind. They are, in fact,"Deluded Utopians" and should never be allowed to have any leadership positions. People who cannot, or will not see or believe in Evil, allow it to grow.

  17. This all started with normalizing faggot behavior. Anyone who believes that anything outside the husband and wife sexual relationship is normal contributes to this behavior.

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