Has racism jumped the shark at last?

A prime collection of social justice warrior racist nonsense is on display in an article at National Review.  Here are a couple of examples.

3. Liking white meat is racist. Writer Ron Rosenbaum said in Slate that racism accounts for the popularity of white-meat turkey over more flavorful dark meat. “White meat turkey has no taste,” he explained. “Despite its superior taste, dark meat has dark undertones for some. Dark meat seems to summon up ancient fears of contamination and miscegenation as opposed to the supposed superior purity of white meat.”

6. Complimenting America as open and fair is racially hurtful. “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” is officially listed as a micro-aggression that the University of California wants eliminated from its classrooms. Also banned are “America is the land of opportunity,” and “America is a melting pot,” because some students may regard those ideas as controversial.

There’s more at the link.

White turkey meat is racist?  WTF???  If any grievance industry warrior tries to foist his or her taste in poultry on me, they’ll experience a damn sight more than a micro-aggression in response!  Idiots!  When are these racist twits going to get a life, and realize that not everyone – in fact, hardly anyone – is obsessed with skin color or anything remotely related to it?



  1. My bathroom has a white sink, a white toilet, and a white tub.

    If that makes me racist, so be it. Ho hum.

    Last thing I want is them all covered in brown, or worse. Or is practicing good hygiene in ones bathroom now racist also?

    These people are several orders of magnitude beyond stupid.

  2. The problem is that each succeeding baiter has to ramp up the rhetoric in order to stand out from the herd. The early ones had it easy; there was real racism to combat; there was something tangible to battle and win. Today? Not so much.
    Without real villeins to fight illusionary ones have to be invented. Micro-aggressions, white turkey meat, patriots two hundred years dead are all part and parcel with trying to be relevant. They have the added benefit of being unsolvable. The money stream can run forever.
    They may be crazy but they are not stupid. They only appear stupid if we think this has anything to do with fixing the "race problem." It's about power and money. Their power and others money (becoming their money). In that light it appears to working pretty well.

    So, are chicken and turkey wings racist? They are clearly dark pieces being passed as white by Big Corporations. Must be a plot to get lighter skinned people to pass as white and deny their rightful heritage. (I take either checks or Paypal)

  3. If this is the case, then Renaissance Fairs must be the most enlightened places around, because damn near everyone is munching on turkey legs.

  4. Rosenbaum is a complete idiot! Doesn't he know that there isn't as much dark meat on a turkey as white? For DECADES the Secret Society of Dark Meat Eaters has cultivated the mythology of white meat to keep the dark meat all to ourselves and avoid the bloodsport that takes place over the serving plate every Thanksgiving. And here he goes, running his mouth.

  5. Controversial topics? At a university? Heaven forfend!

    Not that the modern university student will know who he is, here is the opinion of John Milton:

    “Where there is much desire to learn, here of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinions in good men is but knowledge in the making.”

    Oh, I get it, arguing, writing and opinions are only for where there is a desire to learn.

  6. Shortly after the CA UC system "banned are “America is the land of opportunity,” an illegal walked across the stage holding the Mexican flag proving them wrong.

  7. If your white meat is flavorless, perhaps you're not a very good cook?

    Another person who's mistaking stronger flavor for better.

    The whole microaggression thing ticks me off to no end.

    We've demanded that all overt dislike of so many things be suppressed, it's no wonder that those dislikes are expressed in numerous small and meaningless ways now. Now that the hate is channeled in such a way, then any behavior that superficially resembles the small expression of resentment can be labeled something more than it is.

    Besides, where did we get the damn fool idea that the best person for the job should get it?

  8. One time, me and my friend (who is black) were guests at someone's house, and they offered us pudding cups. Two pudding cups, because that's all that were left over.

    One was vanilla.
    One was chocolate.


    I said, with a grin, "Hey, man, which one do YOU want? You know. Because there's a dark one, and a light one."

    We'd been friends long enough that he knew exactly what I was teasing him with, despite my totally casual tone. He looked at me, and then he looked at the cups, and then back to me, and then back at the cups.

    He glared at me. "I'll take the WHITE one," he snapped. "Cause I'M NOT RACIST." He snatched up the vanilla.

    And so I happily ate the chocolate pudding. Cause turns out, if you can get your friend to prove he isn't racist, you get the chocolate pudding!

  9. I just finished reading Heinlein's "Grumbles From the Grave." At one point, his editor for the juveniles he was writing kept complaining that a "good Freudian: could find sexual overtones in all his stories. This drove him crazy. "Freud was a charlatan!" "A 'good Freudian' will find sexual connotations in anything — that's the basis of the theory." Claims of racism sound very similar to what a good Freudian can find. Fortunately, Freudian analysis eventually lost its impact, but unfortunately you still run into it.

    Perhaps claims that everything can be looked at in a racist light will eventually lose it's impact, but I doubt it will ever completely disappear.

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