Has Ted Cruz shot himself in the unmentionables?

The National Enquirer has reported that Ted Cruz has had affairs with at least five women.  Other commenters claim to have identified at least two of them, possibly three, with one of them a consultant to the Fiorina campaign – to which a Cruz PAC donated half a million dollars not too long ago.  Hush money, perhaps?  You can read more about the allegations here, here and here.

However, despite the fact that they’re already a day old, I haven’t seen any coverage at all of the Enquirer’s allegations by the mainstream media.  Why is that, do you suppose?  Are they just being cautious (because the Enquirer is, after all, a tabloid)?  Or are they trying to cover for Cruz in the hope that he can still derail Donald Trump’s campaign?

I don’t think the Enquirer would have published such detailed allegations if it didn’t have at least some ‘meat on the bones’ of the story.  After all, it’s exposed shenanigans by such former political luminaries as John Edwards, Gary Hart and Jesse Jackson.  Is Ted Cruz about to join the ranks of politicians it’s “helped” to retire?

I have no idea as to the truth or falsity of the allegations;  but already confirmation appears to be coming from a Washington Times reporter and one from Breitbart (which is alleged to have ‘sat on’ the story last month, rather than publish it).  If so, this looks like developing into a truly explosive exposé.  As Karl Denninger appended to his blog post on the purported scandal:

PS: Three of the alleged mistresses have been ID’d. Two of them are ugly, if true, considering their connections. This could easily go Supernova, consuming anyone within the blast radius; there’s both (media) influence, peddling of BS and money potentially involved here.  Oh yeah, this is going to get good.  Just remember, ladies, what you posted on the Internet is forever; you cannot escape it — or the consequences.

PPS: I know the Democrats don’t care about sex, even illicit sex and affairs, but when you run as an evangelical, anointed heir to the Presidency, well, it might be just a wee bit different thing…..

PPPS: The curtains are on fire, Ted…..

Pass the popcorn, please. This is turning into a more interesting election campaign than I’d anticipated.



  1. Well, if that's true, he's done. The whole TrusTed slogan doesn't exactly work if he's running as a family man and devout Christian, then appears to have violated his marriage oaths repeatedly. At this point, Trump should announce that he plans to nominate Ted to the SC if he gets elected – that would make many of us that have serious reservations about Trump's bonafides willing to hold our nose for him. I'm much more concerned about the court than the presidency this cycle.

  2. He's done. Wow.

    Trump will now be the republican nominee. I liked Cruz, but cheating on your wife is wrong. That is abuse.

    I know, so has Trump. And Hillary is a crook.

    So who is the least worst candidate to vote for I can hold my nose for?

  3. You know the media and Washington elite have known about this for years. I'd wager they were saving it to use against Cruz should be win the nomination or be selected as vp. You know damn well they weren't gonna help trump by going public with it.

    On the bright side at least it's females albeit homely ones. Rubio and Lindsey Graham on the other hand…

  4. I'll point out that the Enquirer has endorsed Trump, and that the article just says that they are "reporting the rumors". So there's no actual facts involved in the article.

    I'm inclined to think that this is Trump's people hitting Cruz because he is starting to pull ahead of Trump in Wisconsin and elsewhere.


  5. The Ace of Spades blog actually checked out the Enquirer article: it doesn't say Cruz had affairs, it says that there are allegations that Cruz had affairs. Which is technically true, since that article is thus self-demonstrating, but they never actually say he did.

    I call shenanigans.

  6. I have serious doubts. Why would Breitbart – a pro-Trump outfit – sit on it if it were that explosive?

    This seems to be more "ratf*cking" from the Trump side. They seem willing to throw it all at the wall to see what sticks.

    Why did they try the "Canadian" angle before if they had this? If true, this would have shut him down *before* Iowa.

  7. This is the same National Enquirer who ran the story that Hillary Clinton will never survive to be president due to incurable brain cancer with 6 months to live. Take it as you will. They did break the John Edwards affairs story when everyone else knew about it and were sitting on it because he was a Democrat. I can't imagine any many papers holding back on account of the target being Republican?

  8. Enquirer is a gossip rag. They broke John Edwards only because other picked it up. This hasn't been picked up, most likely, because it is only rumors and anyone can start a rumor.

  9. If I was a Democrat operative or leftist journalist (I know, same thing), I'd sit on the Cruz scandal until after the primaries. It's a great way to ensure that if Cruz won the nomination, that Hillary would win the election.

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