“He Has Seen War”


That’s the title of a documentary by HBO, “featuring surviving veterans of 101st Airborne Division and the 1st Marine Division, whose stories are told in ‘Band of Brothers‘ and ‘The Pacific‘. From their initial steps at reintegrating into civilian life to the lasting impact the war had on each of their lives, the film features veterans and their families relaying their own unique stories.”

It’s a remarkable visual documentary, particularly from the perspective of any and all combat veterans.  The post-combat experiences of those World War II veterans is something more recent combat veterans will understand without the need for words.  In particular, the post-combat stress and psychological problems they experienced will be familiar to those who’ve grown up to talk about such problems, where our fathers and grandfathers were taught to bottle them up.

I can’t recommend this documentary too highly.  It’s an hour of your time that’ll be well spent.



  1. The 101st earned their distinction in D-Day, and the 1st Marines Division (formed from the 1st Marine Brigade) on Guadalcanal. Much respect is due to the current and former members for service above and beyond.

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