He needs to buy a lottery ticket!

With luck like that, this Chinese motorcyclist is sure to win . . . unless he’s just used it all up.



  1. Typical video editing, that cuts out important or informative info. It appears the motorcycle cuts off the truck, as it was not trying to make that turn. Avoiding the bike caused the truck to roll. Nothing wrong with the tires, just too much weight for that maneuver.

    The bike was moving slower than the truck, and angling toward the side street. He didn't see the truck. I'm not sure why, but the Chinese don't seem to be very good with motorcycles and scooters. The widespread incompetency of the riders is staggering.

    The truck driver is lucky that the rider is apparently uninjured. In China, dropping the entire load on him would be better than putting him in hospital.

  2. China is a huge contributor to scary and shocking videos. Keeps the lights on for sites like liveleak. They've got all manner of things to try to kill and maim you over there. The traffic, escalators, elevators, signage, moving hillsides, factory machines, buildings that are missing things like foundations, boats etc.

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