1. Notice that the article only identifies 3 of the people arrested, one of them specifically as left wing; since none of them are anything with 'right' or 'conservative' in the name, I think it is fair to expect that all of those arrested were of the left persuasion, arrested in a place where they were SUPPOSED to be listening and talking, not fighting…. methinks they are continuing to show their true nature.

  2. Looks like the right-wing radical group involved was Patriot Prayer, which, near as I can tell, is actually a liberal group with a name meant to appeal to conservatives. At least, such positions as I've been able to discern are very liberal indeed, for sufficiently a-few-years-ago values of "liberal".
    And, if I'm reading this right, the "empathy tent" was offering the opportunity to sit down with someone who's not an orthodox radical leftist, and maybe learn that he's not really a fire-breathing racist hatemonger. This, of course, did not go over well in Berkeley.

  3. One of the arrestees is Yvette Felarca, the violent BAMN leader who is a Berkeley middle school teacher. She's out on bond for felony assault and incitement to riot a couple of months ago, and was just arrested for rioting, battery and obstruction.

    She's still teaching:

    "The Berkeley Unified School District said, regarding teacher Felarca, it is “monitoring developments in this case. Should an occasion arise for the District to take action, we will respond in an appropriate manner, in keeping with federal law, the California Education Code and the BUSD collective bargaining agreement with our teachers.” BUSD said Felarca is a part-time employee who “worked her normal hours today.” No further information was provided."

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