Fellow blogger Eaton Rapids Joe says he’s “just installed our new security system at the end of the driveway“.

Yes, that should give low-lifes pause for thought!  You’ll find a larger version of that placard at the link above, if you want to print it out for your own use.  (The phone number, needless to say, is not his – but I like where it directs callers!  Look it up online for yourself.)

Nice one, Joe!



  1. True story about a pit bull. My neighbor had one; it acted very ferocious, and would pretend to attack then skid to a halt at the last moment when he would attack me when riding my draft horse by his house. One day the neighbor stopped to talk to me in his pickup truck in my driveway; his window was half way up because of his pit bull. That pit bull jumped out of the truck anyway through that half closed window, straight towards me. At the sound of his attack my three, 160 pound Ovcharkas lit up and ran at him; he would be dead before he reached me. That pit bull ran back to his truck just below the speed of sound, flew through the air and re-entered the top half of that pickup window that he had come out of. Cute little thing but they don't seem too scary to me! I now have 6 Ovcharkas.

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