1. Did you hear the one where the ranger shoots the female bear, and ends with the punchline "Would you believe a lawyer who told you the Czech is in the male?"

  2. You know what to call this particular long tale set up simply to deliver a pun?

    A splendid time was badly spent by all?

    Since I have heard the joke several times, it was barely amusing.

    When nothing was heard from the two scientists, the park rangers went Russian to Czech on them.

  3. Rather amusing, provided one has a taste for somewhat-long-drawn-out, so-so puns (quite a low-end form of humor…) – Not everyone, of course, can stand up to such pun-ishment –

    The original version I recall from my undergraduate-days (in the mid-60's) featured timber wolves instead of grizzly bears, and a Pole instead of a Russian, but other than that…

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