1. Can you imagine going back in time to the 1940s and telling the men and women of The greatest generation that this is what 2018 looks like? It’s so easy to see that the movie “idiocracy” might just be a documentary.

  2. So clearly my brain is in a weird place this morning. I look at the meme see the
    lion and it screams Aslan to me. Then my brain says "There's no California in Narnia!".
    Admittedly California as it exists now does seem like it belongs in a fantasy, but not one as well crafted as Narnia. Maybe Sword of Shannara or Bored of the Rings? In any case I think I spent a LEETLE to much time reading C.S. Lewis to my daughters long ago…

  3. What would happen to us if WE were in another country and we transgressed one of THEIR laws?
    "When in Rome do as the Romans do". Especially if you snuck into Rome uninvited and without their government's knowledge of your presence.
    Subject EVERYONE currently present in your land to the same laws and regulations.

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