1. Pree-cisely…especially impressive just now, as I presently have roughly 2 – 4 inches of "Glowball-Wormering Solution" blanketed whitely and more-or-less evenly all across my lawn and driveway – given my domicile's current location in Southeast-near-coastal North Carolina, this qualifies fully as an "unusual eventuality", even for the Winter season…

  2. Yep, nearly freezing down here by the mouth of the Rio Grande River, hard up against Mexico. Pass the warmed up tamales and coffee pot !!

  3. Hit about 23 below over the weekend here with wind chills of -40 something. Coldest we've been in a couple of years. Picked up a new battery at the local Wal-Mart yesterday and they sold 6 more while I was waiting. Guy said they've went through pallets of batteries over the past few days.

  4. Irish coffee has been a popular remedy for cold weather in the past, but now I suppose we'll be seeing "Messican Coffee" made with coffee and a shot of Tequila.

    No, I have not tried it. If someone would like to be the guinea pig for this one, be sure to write up your results, assuming you remember them.

  5. Tequila in your coffee isn't bad, unless you're using a tequila that would work better as a furniture stripper. I prefer Irish Cream (but NOT in Irish Cream flavored coffee!!!!!!!) or butterscotch snapps myself.

    I remember the first February after we moved to Brownsville, TX. Would have been '89. I saw 3 snow flakes. School was closed for 3 days. For a gringo from up north…I LOVED IT! It did cause a huge number of deaths just across the border though, Matamoros was the biggest crap-hole of all the Mexican border towns I've visited. *sigh* I miss going to South Padre Island every weekend…

  6. Inevitably, as more of us former Yankees move south we find ourselves in situations such as what we're seeing right now. And the thought occurs, "Hey, I grew up in this stuff. I know how to drive in snow and ice."
    And the only appropriate response that should be playing loudly in your head is, "while that is certainly the truth, do keep in mind that most of the other drivers on the road lack your experience, they never developed that muscle memory that kicks in every year the first time you feel the tires loose traction."
    Stay home, throw another log on the fire, and watch the highly entertaining display of impromptu demolition derby.

  7. How about the climate scientists creating "global moderation"?
    We've had enough "global warming" and "global cooling" for one lifetime.

  8. Uncle Lar – My first thought may be "I'm Alaskan! I can handle this!", but my immediate second thought it "That's a perishable skill and I haven't practiced in years! I'm a danger to myself!"

  9. @Uncle Lar: You may have grown up with snow and ice but most of us in the South didn't. That's why we panic at the sight of flakes in the sky. And most of our southern towns don't have the heavy equipment needed to deal with it. If we're lucky we have some sand leftover from flood season.

  10. Yeah, I can drive on Ice & Snow (but I'm careful) but I really worry about the other idiots on the road. (Yes, I'm including myself as an idiot because now days I don't have to drive on Ice & Snow). 😀

    Oh, graylady I agree about the problems for southern towns who haven't needed the equipment.

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