1. When hungry enough I don't care. Seldom anyone around to "correct" me. Not that any one has been able to for quite awhile. My old Swede Grampa allways said we eat a ton of shit in a life time.

  2. Ew…

    Trust me on this one – when, on occasion, it's necessary (one way or another) to become this grungy, I don't have any interest in even getting a hand like that (whether mine or someone else's – double-ew…) anywhere close to my face before taking "decontamination measures" – much, MUCH less having one closely-approach foodstuffs of any sort.

    And "refined" petroleum products, 'specially when "supplementally-infused" with grime/used grease and/or wax/"select" bits of metal and/or plastic, do NOT feature on any sort of "condiments list"…

    ThatIsAll –

  3. Gear oils is much worse than any motor oil when its time to eat.

    The trick is to grab the sammich/food product by one corner and never touch it anywhere else. Nibble away till you get to that corner and toss that part.

  4. I mechanicked for an oil well servicing company for six years. We had well pulling rigs, spudders and double drums. Nobody ate with dirty hands. Kerosene followed by hand cleaner and you were good to go. Spudder and double drum operators were very picky about keeping the rigs and pickups clean. Pulling unit operators and crews, not so much.

  5. It is like the joke about who is the machinist in the bathroom?

    They are the ones washing their hands before heading to the urinal.

  6. Working at a service station during my high school era had a significant moderating influence on my germ phobia. My hands weren't that dirty, but being able to eat with less than physician cleanliness was liberating.

    Got a friend who has that problem, and he seems to be getting worse as he ages. Touches virtually nothing without putting on nitrile gloves. He thinks it's normal.

  7. "They are the ones washing their hands before heading to the urinal."

    LOL I've done that a few times and I am not a machinist.

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