1. Most grocery stores carry donut seeds, in the cereal aisle. They're not labeled as such; look for a product that resembles little tiny seed donuts.

  2. Donuts are a terrific diet food as well. The hole in the middle is where all of the calories were located.

  3. I was 12 years old before I finally learned that marshmallow bushes do not exist, and that my father was wrong.

  4. And if Granny wanted to add some reality to the kid's life she would get a small package of seed wheat and they would begin to plant…trips to the local dairy,an apiary, sorghum plant and what have you, so the kid know where its food comes from.

  5. House brand donut seeds also have a very low germination rate. Something to do with how they're processed at the House BrandsĀ® factory in Racine, I think.

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