1. I used to own 2 that resembled that dog…at least in behavior. I do miss them still, and it has been 8+ years.

  2. I immediately thought of a scene from your Maxwell Saga that centered around some leaves from a nearby bush.

  3. This put a tear in my eye, my Golden Retriever, Barney, would bring back 2 or 3 sticks. I miss him bad, he was the best dog ever.

  4. Every lab I've owned had a fondness for sticks. My current one will run off with sticks and branches I'm processing for kindling. It's a race to see how many he can save before I get them worked up and in the kindling box. He looks genuinely pained when "his" sticks get burned. He's also a chewer of sticks (and everything else) just like his predecessors. When he gets bored playing fetch he just plops down in a comfortable spot and starts gnawing away.

  5. I had a cat that would retrieve. Her specialty was bottle caps. She wouldn't even move if you tossed a twig or stick, although she would occasionally bring back a pencil. "Course, she took more of them off the table than she ever bothered to fetch. Odd cat. Then again, aren't they all?

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