Heh – green finger edition


I found this image on MeWe yesterday (original source unknown).  It made me laugh out loud, reminding me of some of the green-fingered tribe I have known.  Click the image for a larger view.

Miss D. enjoys small-scale gardening, and potters about every spring planting new seeds and shrubs.  However, there are some folks I know who go on endlessly about adding this bush, or that flower, or those herbs and spices, and how they’ll set up this part of their garden “for the butterflies”, and that part over there “for the birds”, and perhaps a feeder under that tree “for the squirrels” . . . it seems to be more of an obsession with them than a hobby!  In some cases, one can see their lawns shrinking year by year as more and more bits are carved out of them to expand the flower beds.

To such people, affectionately, I offer this image.



  1. Very true. Mom had a green thumb, and over 40 years of living in the same house, the front and back lawns shrunk to practically nothing. It took me over an hour to mow the lawns the first year, the last years it took 10 minutes with a weed whacker.

  2. Well, as obsessions go, it beats drinking and drugging… long as their not trying to push a wheelbarrow of unwanted produce on me 4 times week…

  3. My goal in the next two years is to transform all of the lawn into "food forest" gardens to maximize the amount of food we can produce here.

  4. In a very small way, I can understand this affliction, since I just started with a couple of boxes of herbs last year for the first time, and just got a vertical planter with five boxes for this year.

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