Heh – Indiana Jones edition

Received via e-mail, origin unknown:

Realistic Indiana Jones movies:

  • Indiana Jones and the tomb that had already been looted by robbers in the 19th century
  • Indiana Jones and pottery fragment #1478
  • Indiana Jones and the site discovered under somebody’s house so there was no way to actually dig it
  • Indiana Jones and the famous treasure that actually turned out to be an ancient chamber pot
  • Indiana Jones and the temple of maybe three damaged columns
  • Indiana Jones and the intro to archaeology class that you didn’t give a **** about and just wanted to pass for the gen ed credit

Can you suggest any more?  If so, let us know in Comments.



  1. Indiana Jones and the possible indigenous people’s burial site, in the middle of middle of my new hospital construction project

  2. "Indiana Jones and the Freeway Interchange Project"

    That could have more drama than you might think. Federal Highway Administration rules require an archaeological survey, but there's no requirement to preserve routine sites (old camps or 19th century foundations).

  3. Indiana Jones and the quest for Blackbeard's treasure; a cup inscribed with ancient Words of Power, which read "Drinkest Thou Thine Ovaltine."

  4. After majoring in anthropology, reading the textbooks, listening to the archaeology professors' tales, and looking at the descriptions of job openings*, I fear this is all too accurate.

    * I kept the job doing software development after I graduated. For some reason, they don't pay that much to go dig in the dirt and look for potsherds and fill out lots of paperwork, despite the required level of schooling.

  5. Professor Indiana Jones and the Curvaceous Blonde Who Wanted An Easy A+

    The Archaeologist Formerly Known As Indiana Jones Who Lost His Supreme Court Appeal to Keep His Original Name

    The Timely Demise of Indiana Jones Who Couldn't Dodge a Giant Boulder Made of Foam

    Indiana Jones and the Family Court That Awarded His Entire Net Worth to Ravenwood's Daughter and "Her" Two Sons

    Indiana Jones and the Blues Brothers Escape from the Illinois Nazis


  6. Indiana Jones and The Backyard Garden-Tool Shed Building Permit: Fear & Loathing & Major Fees At The Local Code-Enforcement Offices

    (Don't make me get into the Prequel: To Build A Fence – Stockade, Solid-Board, Wire Mesh or Merely Pickets, That Is The Question…)

    J. S. Bridges
    Wilmington, NC

  7. Indiana Jones and the lost tenure, because his failing students got a girl to say he came ontoher durig tutoring, and his last ecavation and paper was siezed and classified by the government, so it doesn't exit.

  8. Indiana Jones and the government funded boondoggle vacation plan.

    Indiana Jones and the smoking hot coed.

    Indiana Jones and the sexual misconduct trial.

    Indiana Jones and the pharmaceutical experimentation lifestyle.

  9. Indiana Jones and the strategic locations survey.

    Some of those sites are known to have military structures from all the way before written history to current day. Such as the one grandma remembers visiting while helping with the air defense during WWII… apparently been in regular use approximately since the ice receded.

    Yeah, so it'll probably end up at least partially classified, too.

  10. Indiana Jones and the Ordnance Survey Map that Failed to Mention Unexploded Ordnance at the Roman Antiquities Excavation Site

    The end. 🙂

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