1. How effective are the obscenities and soft vagina sculptures at getting your message across? Make all this the focus of your next job interview. Let us know how it works out.

  2. Feminist: Don't objectify me, I'm more than my genitalia

    Man: !??

    Milo Moire: (demonstrator, standing naked in the public square.) "Respect us! We are no fair game, even when we are naked!!!”

    Feminist demonstrator with placard: "My uterus is so done with this!"

    Feminist demonstrator with placard: "Keep your rosaries off our ovaries!" (!?)

    3 Feminist demonstrators with placard: "Girls just want to have (fun)damental rights."

    Could it have been a mistake to give these people the vote?

  3. "Son, I brought you here so you could appreciate how good you have it back in Lake Wobegon, where the men are fearless and frank, the women are supportive and steadfast …"

    "But Dad, I have a question: what exactly do you call that … thing … with blue hair and breasts with an Adam's apple?"

    "Son, we call that one of God's tests of our faith."

    "And the man wearing a pink dress, badly applied lipstick, and a cape?"

    "That's another one of God's tests of our faith."

    "The worn-out pop star, spewing forth hate and filth while her own daughter looks on?"

    "That too is another one of God's tests of our faith."

    "Dad … I don't mean to question your wisdom, but could it be that we are not being tested by Our Lord, but instead that these are creatures of Satan? Perhaps it's time for us to get back to Lake Wobegon."

    "You see Son, even though we are surrounded by Satan's evil, this turned out to be a Good Day after all."

    "Last one back to the truck has to come up for 'preferred personal pronouns' for all these people!"

    "You're on!"


    [… and BTW, I "self-identify" as an Explosive Ordnance Demolition System, with a "preferred personal pronoun" of "Lord Kaboom" …] 🙂

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