1. I also like those signs you see on trucks that say the same as stay back so many feet , not responsible for broken windshields. BS! you are responsible for every thing on your truck as well as what is fallen off of it. I have won two court cases where carp off of a steel truck and rock off of a dump truck hit my windshield with signs such as that. Judge laughed at their lawyers when they showed pictures of them.

  2. Cederq:

    in CA, your responsibility for lost items ends when said object stops moving on the road. After that, you are on the hook if you hit it, as you are required to be in control of your vehicle at all times.

    Oddly enough, this seems to be the case even if the object that hits you is flung up by a passing vehicle striking it. Your fault. It's amazing what can happen when tires hit objects on the roadway. Watched as a 2' length of 2" angle iron with a welded plate at one end kept getting clipped by car tires, and flipped a couple feet into the air. A BMW finally took it in the windshield. Only the fact of it clipping the front of the hood and rotating slightly kept it from taking the driver's head off. (the CHP unit I had radioed for a traffic break had stopped a DUI vehicle on the opposite side of the freeway, so there was a long delay. A unit arrived shortly after the BMW coasted to the shoulder)

  3. What rationale do the lawmakers use for that California law you mention in the first paragraph?
    Seems a bit counterintuitive to put such onuses on the ones affected by someone else's neglect.

  4. Tal,
    so, what you are saying is that you expect people to drive like they do in Russia. Near incompetent, blind, wildly aggressive, drunk, with poorly maintained vehicles. But, hey, insurance will fix all your woes, right?

    (Actually, CA is working hard to overtake the Russians in this area, unfortunately.)

    So far, the state only gets concerned if they have to send out a crew to clear the roadway. They might want to track you down to cite you for the expense, in that case. Otherwise, you hit it, you bought it. Sort of like wandering around in a china store. The operative term is: … "you are required to be in control of your vehicle at all times." If you run into something, you are almost always at fault.

    caveat: it's been 15 years since I patrolled CA freeways, so it's possible things have changed in that regard.

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