Here’s a teaser for you

I know many of you like my books, but you’d better get ready for something completely different.  My wife, Miss D., has dipped her toe into the writing waters and written a novella (i.e. a short novel).  Our mutual friend and author Cedar Sanderson tells us it falls into a category that used to be called ‘planetary romance’.  It’s in final edit right now, and should be published within a week or two.

I might add that I don’t like, nor do I read, romance novels . . . but I really like this one!  It’s by no means your typical love story.  There’s sci-fi elements, and some military, and a love story too.  I think a lot of my readers will like it.

Watch this space for more details about publication, which will happen soon.  (And no, I’m not worried that my wife might outsell me.  If she does, I’m going to let her keep me in the style to which I think I ought to be accustomed!)



  1. I was thinking of the old SF books I first found and fell in love with. Andre Norton, EE "doc" Smith, and others. But I think I'd compare Dorothy's story to Lois McMaster Bujold, especially Shards of Honor.

  2. Peter I cannot think of two people who deserve a bit of success more than you and your lovely wife Dorothy.
    You both are known to me to be the sort who believe in paying things forward, and have given of yourselves so generously that I truly hope that the rule of threes holds in your case.

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