He’s become a semi-permanent feature of the road network . . .


It seems a protester (apparently in France?) decided that supergluing himself to the road wasn’t good enough.  (He may have been assisted in coming to that conclusion by what happened to a previous protester who did that.)  Be that as it may, he affixed himself to the road surface with instant cement.  The police appeared to show somewhat more restraint in removing it (and him) than they did in the previous incident . . .

Follow the link to read comments from others about the idiot demonstrator.  Personally, I’d have left him/her there, put a couple of traffic cones around him/her, and let the traffic flow.  A few eighteen-wheelers passing very close, spraying road dust, bits of gravel and diesel exhaust, might have a more salutary deterrent effect than a fine!

(Or, as one commenter said:  “Trade the chisel for a bone saw and you’ll never have the issue again.”)

A tip o’ the hat to Australian reader Andrew for sending me the link to that story.



  1. Re: just leave him there with traffic cones, around him. I'd add placing a bottle of water just out of reach and a sharp hatchet near his left hand. Eventually he'll chop his own hand off. Yeah, there are days I'm that evil.

  2. No need for a bone saw. I'll bet you could get the same job done with the chisel. It just might take a few extra swings of the sledgehammer.

  3. "Trade the chisel for a bone saw and you’ll never have the issue again."

    "Ackshually" that issue can come up again a few more times. Depending on if he's willing to give up both hands and both feet. Not to mention arms and legs.

    The proper answer to this first one might be to take out a chunk of the road, a few pounds worth, and tell him it's his problem.

  4. Take out a chunk of road, load him on a boat, start sailing out to sea without saying a single word…..hand him a hacksaw.

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