1. You're discussing facts with people who cannot accept facts that don't match what they already "know" – read: FEEL – is true.

  2. yeh, what nitzakhon says. My ex, who perhaps not coincidently is an ardent lefty, is so invested in her "feels" that she creates totaly illogical scenarios to support her fantasies. I have no doubt she still holds me responsible for her unhappiness though we've been divorced 22 years. I'm certain they will find it fairly easy to remain convinced everything orange man does is bad. most of the leftys I know live in an echo chamber.

  3. How many of those were during election season? There is a reason most pardons happen during 2nd term and/or lame duck periods of a presidency. Controversial pardons during a election cycle? Stupid IMO.

  4. You know, Trump Jr. might be a man to keep an eye on for 10 or 12 years down the road. He's getting quite a bit of on the job training about how the system works……

  5. 10 or 12 years? What makes him ineligible in 2024?

    And technically, couldn't he make Ivanka his VP, getting her ready for 2032?

    It wouldn't be the first time Americans have embraced a political dynasty.

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