He’s right, of course: “woke” is a lie from start to finish


Victor Davis Hanson brings the smackdown to “woke” America.

Our enemies abroad, particularly China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia, are watching all this woke, comic madness with absolute glee.

They are delighted the United States is diverting trillions of dollars and man-hours away from production to ideological witch hunts, woke cannibalism, green virtue-signaling, spendthrift consumption, racial and gender fixations, warped science, suicidal surveillance, and commissariat indoctrination.

Woke means that Americans have less money, labor, and time to hone their military readiness. They will produce less competitive energy, but more pseudo-science, non-meritocratic advancement, and unsound investment—all the reasons why America will no longer dominate the world.

Most analysts abroad do not believe that being woke translates into more accurate missiles, more lethal infantrymen, more efficient industrial production, better medicine, cheaper, more plentiful energy, a more united, cohesive population—and a higher standard of living.

So, our unwoke adversaries certainly want us to stay woke.

And why not? Russia already has better hypersonic missiles and more nuclear warheads.

China can likely sink any $12 billion American aircraft carrier and its 5,000 diverse “they/them” crew that dares to venture into the Taiwan strait.

Beijing already produces 90 percent of U.S. antibiotics, and nearly as large a percentage of our key vitamins and painkillers.

India and Brazil do not want any more pot-to-kettle U.S. lectures on their need for better elections and racial relations.

While we war on our past, our competitors abroad prep for the future.

They are more likely to erect than tear down statues. We spend what we borrow; they invest what they earn.

How odd America once taught the world what works—only now to mock its own lessons.

There’s more at the link.

To put it as simply as possible, being “woke” means being willing to live a lie, for yourself, for your family, for your community, for your nation.  There is no truth in the “woke” brigade.  Everything is assessed not in terms of fact, but in terms of feeling.  (Anyone who can claim, with a straight face, that a man can become pregnant, is obviously utterly divorced from reality, and no longer has any claim on our time or attention – apart from arranging for their incarceration in a mental health asylum.  We know what a man is.  Medical science is very clear about what a man is – and equally clear that anyone with the medical characteristics of manhood cannot become pregnant at all.  Anyone disputing that statement is living in cloud cuckoo land.)

The “woke” among us are trying to lie, bamboozle, finagle and weasel their way into controlling the rest of us.  They can’t do it by emphasizing facts – too many people have enough common sense that they can see through such crap – so they do it by making it politically incorrect, and practically impossible, to contradict their warped, twisted, false claims.  They browbeat, out-shout, terrorize and vilify anyone who won’t fall into lockstep with their lying agenda.

I’d love to take a whole crowd of the “woke” and dump them, just as they are right now, into the middle of Africa, or South-East Asia, or the Amazon jungle, and tell them to apply “their” truth to surviving in that environment.  They wouldn’t, of course.  They’d be snarfed up by local predators, enslaved by local warlords, infected by local diseases, succumb to local weather . . . and all the “wokeness” in the world wouldn’t save them from any of that, because “wokeness” is a lie from start to finish.

The next question is, how are we going to get rid of the “woke” from among our rulers and administrators?  They’ve entrenched themselves there for the moment.  Either we’ll have to winkle them out, one by one, or we’ll have to let them have the structures they’ve infected and build new ones separate from them.  They can go on deceiving each other in their faux-ivory towers, while the rest of us get on with the reality of living.

I only hope we have enough time to do that before the rest of the non-“woke” world comes knocking at our door, to take advantage of the “woke” and seize America for themselves.

As Dan Hood sums up:

The wise will figure out the future that is destined to be, then they will hedge and arbitrage accordingly but if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones suffering the curse of wishful thinking, you are in for one heck of a shock.

. . .

Francis Bacon knew that in order to command nature, one must act according to its rules and identity. The statement Reality is Absolute is the explicit recognition of the primacy of existence. This means that reality is not subject to wishes, whims, prayers, or miracles. If you want to survive the world, let alone change it, you must act according to reality. Nothing else will affect reality. If you evade this fact, your actions will most likely not have their desired effects. Your failure will be metaphysical justice. Begin studying the underlying rules sooner rather than later, that govern civilisational mechanics.

And that’s precisely what the “woke” refuse to do.  They’re going to pay for that.  The hard way.  Because Nature – and reality – are relentless and remorseless, no matter how much we’d prefer to ignore them.



  1. The States need to build parallel governing and economic structures. Then the States band together for mutual protection and benefit.

    Then we winkle out all the Progressives/Greens/Socialists/Communists/Leftists.

  2. "They're going to pay for that. The hard way. Because Nature – and reality – are relentless and remorseless, no matter how much we'd prefer to ignore them."

    No, WE are going to pay for it. Many of us with our lives or the lives of Loved Ones. As Hospitals and Doctors become 'woke' and Kill People accidently (at least we hope it is just ignorance, not malice)
    As Sewers and Municipal Water Treatment Systems stop working, and as the Civil Machinery breaks down except for the Well Connected Grifters, We will all pay.
    Teh 'woke' don't care about reality, and most of the 'woke' who die from the consequences of ignoring it, will die in disbelief.
    "This Can't Be Happening! I was a Good {fill-in-the-blank}" will be the last thought that will cross the minds of both the 'woke' and the 'normies' who were just going along to get along, never caring enough to stop the 'woke' or even learn enough to object.
    One day there will be no Cheeze Doodles, No NFL Sportsball,No Steak-on-the-Barbie, and No Beer. Only Then will the Great Masses awaken, and by then it will be too late for most of them. And many who survive will do so because of Dumb Luck, not awareness or planning. This is when the Bloodshed will begin, and woe to the man who looks like he knew what was coming, and prepared for it.
    Crab-Bucket-Syndrome, will see the destruction of much valuable knowledge and precious supplies, just to due to Greed, Envy and Stupidity.
    "If I can't have it, you can't either" will be the order of the day, until the Strong take control, and put a bloody end to some of the foolishness.

    It will be 50 years before things stabilize once the 'Troubles" kick off, and No One from today would be able to recognize the world in it's new form.

  3. All those problems start to disappear at the press of a trigger.

    And will do, inevitably.

    Imagine an entire country lightened of 80M deadweight worthless eaters.

    The arts may suffer for awhile, but STEM will flourish. Doers always trump dreamers.

    The dangerous part will be convincing the other jackal nations of the world to maintain their distance while it gets sorted out.

  4. Civilisations have risen and fallen throughout history.
    What men can build, men can rebuild.

    Yes, there will be a price. There always is.
    There was a price to settle America, a price to secure its independence, a price to deal with the secession of the Confederacy and a price to deal with our mutual enemies in both World Wars.

    We know this. Perhaps the problem is that we have not paid the lesser price of opposing wokeness with every resource at our disposal, so we will have to pay the greater of dealing with it in full flower….. or the price of rebuilding after it has wreaked destruction.

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