He’s talking about Australia, but it might as well be the USA


Adam Piggott excoriates the Australian government – but he might as well be writing about America, because precisely the same contempt for its people, overweening sense of entitlement, and self-arrogation of all authority (legitimate or otherwise), appears to characterize Washington D.C., its legislators and its federal bureaucracy.

A $35K fine for sixty people who gathered in an “illegal” church worship in Sydney. A group of rescue dogs that were shot by a local council so that rescue center staff would not travel to pick them up under the guise of Covid restrictions. Police firing rubber bullets at lockdown protestors. Despotic state premiers refusing the prime minister’s call to reopen once 80% vaccination rates are achieved. Homes of Covid sufferers in South Australia to be marked so that their neighbors can rat them out to police if they breach tyrannical stay at home orders. Celebrities offered cash payments by government to promote the pro-vaccine propaganda line. The military ordered onto Sydney streets.

Why are we surprised? Did anyone think during a plague crisis, real or imagined, that our government would react in any way other than the most stupid, ineffective and damaging? Look at their prior form over the last sixty years. At all levels of government, from the federal to the state and to local councils, the results speak for themselves. A consistent rate of public failure. And underneath all, a foundation of endemic corruption.

. . .

The truth is, we hate our government. We hate their continued ability to make the wrong decision and then reward themselves for it. We hate their unrelenting meddling in our lives at every level. We hate their constant embracement of every lunatic Marxist propaganda tool that is dreamed up by the legions of traitorous public servants working to undermine and destroy our Australian culture and way of life. We hate the ridiculously high taxation rates under which we suffer and the obscene ways in which government manages to waste this money at every opportunity.

. . .

But most of all we hate the fact that they are incompetent. They are useless. They are the over-credentialed and unexperienced. They are stupid and ignorant. The sufferable ones are lazy which means that they interfere only when they have to. The bad ones are industrious in their zeal to inflict their destruction on the entire nation.

And they lie. Their capacity for mendacity is unsurpassed. Every word that leaves their traitorous lips, every sentence typed on their latest device, every thought that penetrates their thick skulls is a steaming pile of untruth. They think they are untouchable. They presume that they can do anything, that nobody would dare to raise a finger against them.

There’s more at the link.

It’s a magnificent rant, but the tragedy is that it’s also true.  Governments have historically been generally competent enough to muddle along, but their handling of recent crises – geopolitical, military or health – has been so abysmal, all around the globe, that one can only shake one’s head in disbelief.  I would never have believed it possible that so much incompetence could be demonstrated so often in so many countries by those who claim to rule.  It’s gotten to the point where one expects incompetence as the norm, and is shocked by something or someone in government that actually makes sense and gets the job done.

For example, compare and contrast the US military effort at Kabul Airport with that of the British armed forces, who – in so many words – told a US general to pound sand when he asked them to suspend their excursions to rescue British citizens from the city, and remain within the perimeter.  Good for them, say I! – and I’m sure their fellow Britons are profoundly grateful to them.  Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are being told by our authorities to make their own way to Kabul Airport, if they can, but not to expect any help getting there.  I suspect a heck of a lot of them are going to end up as prisoners, hostages, or casualties.  That’s all on the Biden administration’s catastrophic mishandling of the situation in Afghanistan . . . but they’ll never admit to that.  President Biden continues to deny any and all responsibility for what’s going on there.

(On that subject, in an earlier essay titled “Do the Americans even realize that they just lost a war?“, Piggot comments:  “But is Biden actually mentally retarded at this point or does his attitude reflect a general disconnect across the American political spectrum. Based on what I have seen thus far, I am beginning to suspect that it is an equal combination of both.”  We do too, Mr. Piggott, we do too . . . our political class may think themselves superior, but the rest of us have rather different opinions of them.)

The latest insanity has been perpetrated by the Food and Drug Administration, which has just approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for general use.  This is in spite of the fact that its clinical trials won’t be completed until 2023!!!  By approving it at this stage, the FDA has actively and deliberately violated US law – but nobody in authority cares about that minor detail.  Given what we know so far about the vaccine’s side-effects, I have no confidence that it can be taken with impunity or guaranteed safety.  Nevertheless, our political masters (who doubtless pressured the FDA to do this) are now using that approval as an excuse to mandate the use of the Pfizer vaccine by the military, health care staff in several states, and doubtless others in due course.  I won’t be surprised if they try to ban unvaccinated individuals from flying or traveling abroad – even, perhaps, interstate travel.

It’s not about the disease.  It’s about control.  It’s about power – and it’s gone to the authorities’ heads, here as well as in Australia.  Given such governmental ineptness, misrule and intransigence, the people of both nations may ultimately be driven to the same solution.

Tucker Carlson points out that the problem isn’t new, and isn’t limited to the USA or Australia.  I highly recommend that you watch his monologue from last night, embedded below.  If it’s taken down from/by YouTube, you can watch his monologue on Fox News here, and read a transcript of his remarks here.

EDITED TO ADD:  The embedded video was hacked.  Please refer to the links above to see it, or read the transcript.

If the scenes of police brutality in Australia (and there’s no other word for it) shown in that video don’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what will.  What happened to freedom there?  And will Australians ever have the courage and determination to take back their freedom?  For their sake, I hope and pray so.

I also hope and pray that American police don’t ever try to do the same thing in, at least, the freer, more responsible states and cities in this country.  If they do, things are going to get bloody.



  1. Your links to Tucker Carlson do not work properly. Watch the show first, then the other two links. Sabatoge…

  2. Here's what continues to nag at me. What is it about this virus that has sent the entire world into such draconian responses? Why are so many formerly freedom-loving countries panicking over this? I suspect the initial response was because they all knew it's a bio-engineered virus and were scared of how effective it might be. On the other hand, if they know that then why isn't there a stronger response against China? Or was everybody in on the development and they don't want the public to find out? That doesn't seem sufficient.

    Everyone loves power and was just waiting for the chance to go full dictator? That also doesn't seem plausible. There seems to be a longer-term or greater concern that they aren't publicizing. But what is it?

    And why the massive Vax push for the young, who are at near zero risk from the virus? What are the heads of state around the world so afraid of? Is there something worse coming? Do they have some nefarious plot like some of the conspiracy theories claim?

    The level of response around the world to what seems comparable to a bad flu just doesn't add up. What are we missing?

  3. The FDA not only broke to law; it gave away its credibility. No one will ever believe it again.

    …Is there even ONE government agency that ISN'T on the take?…

    Folks, we're on our own here…

  4. I'm afraid we've all been cozened, while the kakistocracy took over and consolidated its power. I had no idea it was this bad, or that we'd been betrayed this thoroughly, but watching what is going on in Afghanistan…? It's crystalline clear: This is not incompetency. This is deliberate, and to what end or whose benefit it is being done…? I've no idea, because I'm a rational actor, and this simply does not make rational sense.

    Milley and the rest of the "national security staff", to coin a term, deliberately and with malice aforethought, slow-walked or outright sabotaged Trump's direct order to get us out of Afghanistan and Syria. That's a fact–The documentation is out there: The US military blew off the direct orders of a duly elected US President in office, with the fig-leaf excuse that "it was against US interests…".

    We now have the spectacle of what they do when a Democrat gives that same order: They rush to obey with embarrassing speed, abandoning the major airbase in Afghanistan very nearly overnight, without warning their local "allies". Coupled with the rest of the ongoing travesty, the question must now be asked… Just what the hell changed between Trump, and Biden, and why didn't they do the same thing to Biden that they did to Trump…?

    Our "leaders" are not on our side. They're on their side, and that side is out to screw the rest of us. That much is clear–Milley et al have broken faith with their oaths to the Republic and to the men and women they accepted authority over. There's a moral obligation undertaken, when you're an officer: You are supposed to ensure that the lives your men give up at your order are husbanded and not spent heedlessly.

    Milley and the rest of his buddies in the establishment just rendered every life willingly put into their hands and ended gruesomely in combat into sad jokes, turning with one fell swoop the deaths of brave men in a good cause into a macabre joke. What do I tell the families of those who fell, now?

    The depth of betrayal here is fundamental and complete. You cannot trust these people, and you cannot trust anyone they brought up behind them. They are essentially and eternally corrupt.

    The thing I just can't work out is the "why". Were they bribed? Blackmailed? Just plain evil?

    In the end, it does not matter. They will get the traitor's verdict in history, and with any justice in the universe, during life, as well.

  5. @pbfurn & Peteforester: The embedded video, and both of the alternate links, still work for me. Try clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser.

  6. I agree it's been hacked. Static pictures of President Trump are overwriting the video, so the audio doesn't match what I'm seeing, although your alternative link works.

  7. OK, the hacking has come through to me now – I suspect my browser cache was still feeding me the unhacked video. I've updated the post to refer readers to the Fox News original video. Thanks to all those who pointed out the problem.

  8. It's not necessary for the police, per se, to get brutal. They merely need to stand aside and let the Brownshirts do the dirty work.
    And, in several jurisdictions, the police have apparently been ordered to act only to protect the Brownshirts, never to interfere with them. This also seems to be the case at the Federal level… and was during the last administration, too, which shows how much the government cares who holds elected office.

  9. Unfortunately these examples of Australian law won't dissuade those who still say we should adopt Australian-style gun laws.

  10. they disarmed a population and they suffer from it now because only now are they learning that a government with all the power is not one for the people.
    I read the books by nino culotta about the old Australia. I miss that one.

  11. Regrettably, the majority of my fellow Australians are a bunch of scared bed wetters who will rat you out faster than you can say "Hitler Youth". I had low expectations for my fellow man, but it's turned out to be a fair bit worse than I imagined.

    From what I can tell, they take the daily press conferences at face value, never questioning anything said there even when it's obvious gaslighting eg "Covid is a death sentence" etc. No amount of evidence will change their minds, despite the fact that the governments own data contradicts what they're saying.

  12. I have a simple question. Is there some fact that was discovered that acted as a trigger to the FDA decision? Is there some bit of knowledge, some actual bit of physical reality that can be pointed to as the changed circumstance that caused this "vaccine" to change it's status from emergency use to approved? What changed?

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