I doubled over with laughter when I saw a parody of Irish stepdancing over at Compass Points. However, before getting to it, there may be some of you who’ve never seen shows such as Riverdance, Lord Of The Dance or the like. Specifically, this parody mocks Michael Flatley‘s opening number from Lord Of The Dance, ‘Cry Of The Celts’. Here it is, if you don’t know it. (Flatley’s performance begins at about the two-minute mark.)

And here’s the parody of his performance. I don’t know who the performers are (the video is identified only by the title ‘Lordi Jinak’), but they do a magnificent and very funny job!



  1. I watched most of the first video before I figured out that it was not the parody. At least not intentionally so.

  2. Peter, you need to post a beverage warning on that one! Bahahaha!
    Thanks for making me cry with laughter after a craptastic day..

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…this definitely gets linked to my Class V Beverage Alerts list!

    I've GOT to send this on to my dad. What a great laugh!

  4. I had seen the second video before I had ever seen anything like the first. Now the whole thing makes sense and HOWL! Thanks.

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