How bulletproof is your lock?

Here’s a video of a series of tests of conventional padlocks versus typical firearms.  The result may surprise you.

Might be useful input to your decision as to which lock to purchase.



  1. These guys ever think about a backstop? That .50 is gonna go a long, long way through that brush.
    "know your target and what is beyond it"

  2. Immensely enjoyable.

    What surprised me quite a bit was the dead-on accuracy of the handguns.

    I have a Walthers P22 and a Smith and Wesson SW9VE. I will now need to see of those two weapons can deliver such accuracy.

    Goody, some range time I see in my near future.

  3. Um, all it takes to open that lock is a sharp blow downward with a hammer. If you put a 'wonderbar' style prybar on it, then hit the bar, it makes it easier to apply the force straight down.

    And people usually forget to attack the HASP rather than the lock. Hasps are typically mild steel, cheap crap.

    But, always fun to shoot stuff 🙂


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