“How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico”

That’s the title of an interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor.  In brief, Eisenhower mounted a big deportation push, whereupon hundreds of thousands of those not (yet) detained and deported beat feet on their own, rather than wait to be arrested and lose all they’d accumulated.

Of course, the numbers of illegal aliens were much smaller then . . . but given enough of an effort, and the political will to make it work, I think we could do it again.  Time for pressure on the new Congress and Senate, perhaps?  And on Republican candidates for the Presidency in 2016?

Go read the article.  It’s food for thought.



  1. One of the things Eisenhower also (and perhaps mainly) did was to move Gov. administrators out of their Boarder postings to areas where they had less-developed political influence among wealthy types to whom the advantage of illegal-labor offered a reason to undercut they effort.
    That was kinda key to letting/allowing the program to function and not get tied-down.

  2. I have been in foreign countries a couple of times when they announced an amnesty for illegals to leave the country without penalty before being arrested. Thousands left to escape being put in jail. I don't see why the USA can't do the same.

  3. arrest people who hire illegals put them in the worst prisons with the general prisoners, and not just big companies but the guy picking up day labor at your local home depot.they would then self deport. your friend truckwilkins

  4. And yet the rumors are swirling that the POTUS will sign a blanket amnesty today or tomorrow. My friends who came here the hard way (as in did all the paperwork, waited in line, took the tests and got visas) are steamed. TO put it mildly.


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