How is it possible for people to be this stupid?

I’m not on Facebook or similar services, so I appear to have missed the latest trend among some gun-owners (for which I’m devoutly grateful!).  However, Vice has enlightened me.

Gun people are taking pictures of themselves aiming weapons at their dicks. The safety is off, their finger hovers on the trigger, and the barrel of the weapon is pointed straight at their genitals . . . pointing a gun at your penis has . . . everything to do with ironically mocking basic safety in gun culture. The trend is about a year old and it was born in the fires of Facebook’s gun groups. On one side are responsible gun owners, on the other is a group of men aiming a deadly weapon at their dicks to prove a point that they can only vaguely explain.

Like with any other fandom, there’s levels to gun culture. In the online gun community there are “normies” and “fudds.” Normies cover a range of people, anyone from a basic handgun owner to the completely uninitiated. Fudds—as in Bugs Bunny hunter Elmer Fudd—are the old heads, weirdos, and dedicated gun nuts. Some fudds hate normies and the way normies talk about guns. Even the normies who know their way around a firearm.

A chief complaint among fudds is the normie’s devotion to safety, typically manifested as knee-jerk praise of trigger discipline. For the uninitiated, watching trigger discipline refers to the act of keeping your finger off the trigger of a firearm until you’re ready to fire the weapon. It’s a safety basic, along with never pointing a gun at anyone or anything you don’t intend to harm, and always assuming a gun is loaded. Trigger and muzzle discipline will tell you a lot about a person holding a firearm. Typically, if they keep the muzzle away from the camera and their finger off the trigger—even while holding the grip—they know their way around a weapon.

. . .

To combat this apparent scourge of responsible gun ownership, some fudds have taken to posting pictures of themselves pointing allegedly loaded weapons at their own dicks, with their finger on the trigger. If this doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone.

There’s more at the link.

All I can say is, I want nothing to do with idiots who behave like that.  If they can behave so stupidly, they’re dangerous to be around.  They should stay as far away from me as possible, thank you very much!  I certainly won’t be numbering them among my friends;  and if any of my friends were to behave that way, they wouldn’t remain my friends any longer than it took for me to find out.  As Einstein observed, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”  They perfectly illustrate his point by their actions.

However, I don’t want them to stop.  In fact, I want them to make sure their guns are loaded, then carry right on behaving like that.  You see, that way, sooner or later (hopefully the former), they’re going to shoot off the appendages for which they so clearly no longer have any rational use.  That done, they won’t be reproducing more of their kind to plague the rest of us!

Idiots . . . blithering . . . one each . . . sheesh!!!



  1. Hey Peter;

    Crap like that gives us regular gun people a bad rap from the "no gun" people from the Fudds. They think all of us are like this….Sheesh.

  2. One of the losses modern society brought is the fact that "survival of the fittest" has much less influence on the gene pool, making each generation increasingly less competitive.
    On the other hand actions like these may compensate and cull the worst specimens from the herd…

  3. I cringe whenever I see a picture like this, and also when I see people who carry appendix mode that don't know how to do that safely either. I am not sure you can be 100% safe carrying appendix since you are, at some points, pointing the holstered pistol at your genitals, your femoral artery or both. I recognize the tactical benefits of appendix carry – faster, more unobtrusive draw, better retention of the weapon, easier access by the non-dominant hand – but it still makes me uneasy, especially when some folks use a flimsy nylon holster that might allow for the trigger to be manipulated through the holster, instead of using a rigid kydex or leather appendix holster.
    As for fudds, I don't think that word means what the author thinks it means. The only way I have seen it used is in reference to those gun owners/hunters that think only their particular application of firearms is right and proper. For example, the duck hunter who thinks there really isn't any reason for anyone to won an evil "assault rifle", or that as long as they can keep their bolt action deer rifle, all other firearms are fair game for prohibitionists. So including "dedicated gun nuts" in the definition of fudds is off base, I think. And "normies" (never heard that word used in this context either but assume it includes all non-fudds) certainly include a larger range than basic handgun owners and completely uninitiated. But I could be wrong.

  4. I’m with Tom about the definitions. The older I get the less I understand about human behavior. I’ve never deliberately pointed a gun at any of my body parts and having once been responsible for a negligent discharge take special care to always keep my guns pointed in a safe direction.. What is the point they are trying to make?

  5. " Fudds—as in Bugs Bunny hunter Elmer Fudd—are the old heads, weirdos, and dedicated gun nuts"

    Um, no. That's not the definition of fudd. A fudd is a someone who is fine with owning "hunting guns" – bolt action, lever action, single shot rifles, revolvers, pump shotguns and the like, but doesn't think you should be allowed to own semi auto "tactical" rifles, high capacity magazines and "weapons of war".

  6. That author would appear to not be a gun owner, or at least not knowledgeable on the subject to any measurable extent. That word salad he has spilled on the screen could have been written by a bot. Not going to bother going to the source to see the rest of it.

    I'll agree with the rest of the commenters on the definition of Fudd.

  7. Now, is this actual real legal gun owners, or stupid thugs and dindus playing stupid games?

    There is a difference. Calling the thug, mope, dindu, gangsta, wannabegansta, dealer, or felon 'real gun owner' is false. Yes, they have a gun, but own it through various illegal methods.

    Yeah, really. I cry foul on this one.

  8. The word "Fudd" derives from a historic dispute between those members of the NRA who believe the 2nd amendment only applies to "hunting guns", and the rest of the NRA general membership. The word doesn't really apply outside of that context, as a significant percentage of "hunters" in the US either aren't NRA members and/or disagree with the "hunting guns only" interpretation of the 2A.

    Your commentary on the stupendously stupid practice of pointing a gun at your crotch notwithstanding (and with which I wholeheartedly agree), the fundamental problem with this entire post is your initial reliance on such a suspect source as Vice. Needs must, I suppose, and it is content, so … 🙂

  9. I have had a problem with Appendix Carry since it became the rage. I have asked several people how you can comply with the supposedly inviolable 4 rules of Col. Cooper, while carrying inside the waistband Appendix position. I never got an actual response to how you can do it, but I have been called many names before, some of the least offensive ones being poorly informed, inexperienced,and ignorant. I won't say the bad names I have been called or accused of being.
    I have been pretty active in the firearms community for a number of years now, not as a leader but as a gun owner, and concealed gun carrier. And the most important part of my carrying a gun has always been first and foremost to be safe in the carrying of my gun. Because carrying a gun for protection does no good if you shoot yourself. And I just cannot get how proper training will overcome the fact that you are intentionally pointing your gun at your groin area, with massive blood vessels and other things that you don't wish to shoot, male or female.
    I have had a person who supports appendix carry say bad things about SOB carry,because people normally have the gun in the wrong position, and thus often will muzzle sweep their kidney when drawing from this position. As if, you can train yourself to keep your finger off the trigger when pointing it at your femoral artery and genitals, but you cannot train yourself to keep your finger off the trigger during a draw from the holster when drawing from a SOB holster where you could sweep your kidney.
    Since people have often treated me badly online when I asked a legitimate question, a person who has been around long enough that many have probably seen my name at one point or another, imagine how they treat some person who is an actual newbie, asking a question that is really a question that is basic or seems like it should be obvious, but is not to this new shooter. And they can cause great harm to this person, by treating a new shooter who is asking a legitimate question, at least to him or her.
    We need to be compassionate to the new shooter and not alienate them from the gun group, by treating them like an idiot. Now, these pictures are different, of course,these guys are obviously idiots, and deserve to be ridiculed, to make other people recognize that such behavior is at heart, unsafe, and should never be done, and also why it should never be done. Of course, this is just my opinion, and my own experience, others may have never had this happen to them.


  10. A little off post, but its in response to a previous posting you made a month or tow ago. In this posting you wondered about when the civil unrest would begin this year. Well, it looks like its starting now. Not just in Minneapolis, but in other cities as well.

  11. If you are around firearms long enough, you will be there when an accidental discharge occurs. If you are lucky, it will be into a barrel designed for that very purpose and the only damage will be to your ringing ears. The behavior shown is actively courting disaster.

  12. An old man here (60). Was not taught to keep finger off the trigger — not good. But you NEVER point the gun at something you aren't willing to shoot. Darwin is calling for accidents.

  13. Saw a video segment, sent to me for comment, of a banger filming himself pointing a Glock at his gf, sleeping in a chair.he woke her up by putting a round into the woodwork A FOOT FROM HER HEAD, THEN proceeds to shush her for screaming, she's gonna bother the neighbors, all while waving the pistol in her face, asking her if she's gonna have his babies!?!!?….!@#%&×÷=# YOU, was my response to his totally stupid prank. The kind of punk with no thought for others burning down Minneapolis right now…

  14. I had what I call an accidental discharge, since it was caused by a damaged shotgun. Come to find out,there was a recall on this gun in the 1950's. Never was fixed, so it remains problematic, unless you are aware of the glitch.
    I was rabbit hunting with a friend. We kicked up a rabbit, I pulled up on it, took off my safety, decided it was too far away,so I put it back on safe, and rested the but of my shotgun on my hip, pointing the gun at the sky. My friend was behind me, talking to me,when all of a sudden, I heard a bang from a gun,and felt a slam into my pelvis. I immediately thought he had shot me. Right away I realized that my gun had fired,and that I was fortunate that I had the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
    What had happened was that I touched the trigger when I pulled up on the bunny rabbit, and then set the safety. I then unthinking touched the trigger again when I was resting the gun on my hip, setting the gun off. So it was my fault, in some ways,but also it was a defect of the gun that allowed it to be able to fire like it did. Of course, since I knew that problem with the gun, I never did make that mistake again. I had gotten it from my dad, when he passed away, and I gave it to my oldest son, who is the one who found the glitch that had been recalled many years ago. He gave it back to me, not wanting it, so I gave him one of my dad's .22 rifles. Eventually, when one of my dad's grandkids got old enough, I gave him the gun, warning him very carefully of the problem that the gun had, and cautioning him to observe all of Col. Coopers 4 rules of gun safety, plus never take it off safe, without cycling the bolt and reloading the first round back into the magazine, just to ensure that the gun has not gotten somehow unlocked somehow.


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