How not to shoot fish!


That’s actually part of the title of a new anthology of hunting stories from Cedar Sanderson:  “How Not to Shoot Fish, and Other Deer that Got Away“.

The blurb reads:

Twenty-one tales of hunting, fishing, and trapping make this volume of stories big enough to hold a drink in one hand while you read it. Tales range from side-splitting hilarity to poignant musings on dogs too good to be true. Fully illustrated, each story is accompanied by a picture of the critters, landscape, or events within. Tide yourself over until the next hunting season with stories of how it was, and is, when you’re out in the wild testing the wiles of hunter versus prey.

My wife came up with the book’s title in a roundabout sort of way, and I’ve got a story in the collection.  So have many of the usual suspects from the North Texas Troublemakers, including Lawdog, Old NFO and others.  Most of them are funny (well, what else would you expect with a crowd like ours?), and I think we all enjoyed writing our contributions.  There’ll be a second volume shortly, offering more stories for your entertainment from a different group of authors.



  1. To the N Texas Troublemakers, I have been reading many of your blogs, and some of your books, for many years. Since Peter lived at least 300 miles closer to the nearest bayou at least. Always enjoy them. Bought the book instead of doing the Kindle Unlimited thing so hopefully you get a few more cents each that way. Thank you, folks. Greg

  2. Going to give this a try. I devoured every Jim Kjelgaard book I could lay hands on in Junior High, I hope it brings back some good memories.

  3. Is there any way to get the book without using the evil Amazon? I'd rather pay more and not give anything to the enemy…

  4. @AmazingAZ yes, in a couple of weeks there will be paper copies (signed by a few of the authors) available through my website. Ebooks will be exclusive to Amazon for the first three months, though.

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