“How terribly strange to be 70 . . . “

That line from Simon and Garfunkel‘s song ‘Old Friends’, from their fourth studio album ‘Bookends‘, sums up my reaction when I found out today that both Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel had turned 70 years old during the past couple of months. Seventy years old??? Dammit, I grew up listening to their music and singing along with it! I even performed it a few times in front of an audience! Simon and Garfunkel, seventy years old? It doesn’t make sense!

Anyway, in tribute to the timeless beauty of their music, here’s a song from each of their five studio albums. First up is the original version of ‘Sounds Of Silence’ from their album ‘Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.‘.

Next, here’s ‘April Come She Will’ from their second album, ‘Sounds Of Silence‘.

Here’s ‘For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her’ from their third album, ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme‘.

Next we have the song from which I drew the title of this article, ‘Old Friends’, from their fourth album, ‘Bookends‘.

Finally, here’s the song that I personally consider their masterpiece, ‘The Boxer’, from their fifth and last album together, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water‘.

Thanks for the memories, friends. I still can’t believe you’re seventy! Terribly strange, indeed . . . and I guess I’m getting older too.



  1. My Mom said that "you know you are getting old when the rockers from your youth are falling and breaking their hips." As I value my life and liberty, I will not name the rocker who inspired that quote!


  2. 71 (German war baby) with a head full of memories and frustration. Testing the EAS today, which scares the crap out of me.If Bush or even Clinton had tested it, I wouldn't care, but Obummer? NOT! Are we peddling backwards, kicking and screaming? Scared.

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