How to load a tank onto a transporter – NOT!


A couple of days ago, a hapless driver tried to load an Israeli Merkava main battle tank onto a transporter.  He was less than successful.

Apparently he claimed that the accelerator pedal got stuck (which would be consistent with the engine revving so hard after the incident).  I guess there’ll be an inquiry to figure out what happened.

Meanwhile, kudos to the man directing the loading for his rapid, athletic (not to mention artistic) dismount from the trailer as several dozen tons of mechanical monster hurtled towards him.  With moves like that, he might want to try out for the ballet.  Jeté, indeed!



  1. At first I thought the flashing lights under the treads were sparks, and then, AHHHH, lights!

    Did the driver get returned to driving school?????

  2. Laziness on the part of the loading crew. Those red things on the deck of the transporter are ramps to prevent the 'Jump" of the tank climbing onto the transporter deck. Had they used the ramps it would not have taken near that much throttle to climb the tank onto the deck.

    I've never loaded a tank, but I've loaded LOTS of dozers and other tracked vehicles. It ain't that hard, if you use the proper equipment and don't do stupid things.

    One almost might have thought that this was a setup.

  3. I agree with the use of ramps. Kind of like the guys who do a 45 degree ramp into the truck and send the scooter over the cab.

    Long and with some slope.

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