How to respond to the revolution? Remember – “All politics is local”


Earlier today I wrote about the revolution that I fear is coming to America.  There are many ways to work against it.  However, the basic reality of the situation is that, as Tip O’Neill famously reminded us, “All politics is local”.  That’s where we have to start to take our country back.

Rather than try to put it in my own words, I’ll let Ianto Watt describe the fightback.

The choice before us now is between Cincinnatus and Lenin. One will give up power when the present danger is defeated. The other won’t. Why? Because he is the present danger. Now we are back to the present problem. Which is, America is populated by idiots.

But not entirely. Thus, the real question before us: What is the split? We know that those in the camp of Lenin will stop at nothing. But what are their true numbers and power? The same question confronts the forces of Cincinnatus. What is their order of battle? Who will lead, locally? After all, they are totally fragmented, whereas Lenin’s men are totally united, in both ideology and command.

. . .

But first, we have to identify the true enemy. No, not the visible puppets at the top. Not even the Gates’, Zuckerbergs, Dorseys, et al. No, the real work in any war is in the trenches, and those who man them. The real enemy is the guy across from you. You’ll never get close enough in the opening round to touch the top tier of evil. Not until we fight our way through their phalanx will we reach their larynx. Only then can we finish the job. Fixating now on the top tier is self-defeating. No, we must defeat them at ground zero first. That is the only hope of victory.

Who then is this enemy? I’ll tell you who — their names all begin with an ‘e’. They are, in no particular order (for they all work in unison), the following four groups; editors, educators, experts and elites. And they all have a base that exists at a local level. At a level where they can be reached. Let’s look at them. Size is relative. Your local editor may not be a Sulzberger, but his influence is the same. It’s just in a smaller sphere of control. Same with the other three. The people who do run for office all hide behind these four groups to get (and stay) elected.

I’ve said many times that the most powerful people are those you can’t vote out. Why? Because they weren’t voted in. None of these four types have to run for office, so they can’t be voted out. But they can be defeated. But not by votes. No, they have to suffer humiliation, at their local level. The level of their visible power.

Let’s look a little closer. Let’s look at what has worked in the past. But only for the left. Why? Because they would do it. And we wouldn’t. And what would they do? They would engage in ‘civil’ disobedience. On a scale large enough that the local authorities couldn’t stop it. Short of mace, water cannons, police dogs, etc.

Who were their targets? The same four E’s I referred to before. But back then, they were our E’s. And lo and behold, when our editors, educators, experts and elites were hounded, we didn’t show up in their defense. We were too busy defending the Imperial front, far away from the home front. And they took our local ground. Which laid the foundation of their national network of like-minded ilk. We learn too late. What happens in our own county is always more important than what happens half a world away.

So, when all these forces arrayed against us worked together, what was their favorite weapon of choice? Bond issues. Which fed their elected puppets, who then enforced the leftist reporting, schooling, testimony (of ‘experts’) and of course, elitist opinion (and finances). Don’t believe me? Ever heard of Alfred Kinsey, the ‘sex-expert’? The one who normalized perversion? The same perversion that was supported by elitists and editors, who pounded away about ‘fairness’ for perverts? And which is now universally taught by our enlightened educators, in our gargantuan ‘schools’.

Schools? Funded by whom? By us, courtesy of the gargantuan bond issues that accrue to the benefit, in every way, of our enemies. And which enslaves us to a local property tax that we have zero control of. In other words, they have talked (hounded) us into enslaving ourselves. And selling our children to them to pay for it.

Think about it. You can’t possibly mobilize people nationally. There are too many Deep State impediments to that. Ears are everywhere. And you can’t trust people you don’t even know. And the only place you do know someone is right where you are. That, my friend, is where you should act. Because that is the only place your effort can have effect.

So, the answer I give, when asked ‘what should we do’ about the obvious theft of our nation is this — take back your neighborhood first. And then your city and county. And free yourself from the Corona hypnosis. That is the very first step. Fearful people never win.

But it will take more than letters to the editor (which are, by definition, useless, considering who controls their appearance). I’ll tell you what it does take. It takes nerve. And crudity, when warranted. Which is now. I’ve seen many stories of public ‘servants’ who are quitting their posts because of hostile public reaction to their Covid-fear-enforcement attempts. Public ‘Health’ experts and ‘educators’ who are caving to social pressure. On-the-street encounters that are not pleasant, for them.

Now expand that to your local paper, and those who advertise in them. And your local school administrators (and those ‘teachers’ that will not teach — which actually is a favor, if you think about it). If half the people they meet in public spit on the sidewalk as they pass by, it will have an incremental effect. A positive effect. Why? Because in polite America, it takes an offensive act to get the change you want. That’s how the left got what they wanted. The question is, do you really want it?

Really? Well, have you ever gone down and picketed your local store that advertises in your local paper that supports lockdowns? No? But you say you’re willing to revert to your 2nd Amendment rights before trying anything less? Listen to me — you can drive them from your local public square. It’s all about your public attitude. Most of your local opponents will melt away, if enough people began to personally act rude to them and their ideas. Show up where they are, and refuse to be silent. They won’t all go away, but they will start to shut up. And their voices are what is driving the fear-machine. And fear is the real killer. It’s time to lift our voices. Rudely. Locally.

. . .

The local face of the enemy is still the same. And it becomes more emboldened each day by our polite patience. We need to lose the public politeness. And our patience. If we want our freedom, that is. Freedom, if you haven’t noticed, is lived locally.

There’s more at the link.

The time for polite disagreement is past.  Our progressive left-wing opponents have intimidated too many Americans by getting loud, rude and aggressive in their faces.  It’s time we stopped being afraid of them, learned from their success, and emulated their tactics.  Nothing else has worked, and nothing else is likely to work.

We’re already seeing this tactic in towns and counties around the country.  When a progressive left-wing government enacted anti-Second-Amendment legislation in Virginia, more than 90% of the counties in that state declared themselves to be “Second Amendment sanctuaries”, and/or refused to enforce the new laws.  Around the country, sheriffs have refused to enforce lockdown legislation and regulations pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, on the grounds that many of those rules are unconstitutional and overreaching.  Higher authority may impose its politically correct laws, but their implementation depends on people on the ground – local people.  If those locals know that playing the Quisling on behalf of higher authority will have consequences, they’ll think twice about doing so.

It’ll take a lot more than that, of course:  but this is our starting point.  If the house that is our society is constructed of local bricks, building up to regional, State-wide and then national politics, then so be it.  Let’s start by taking back the local bricks, one at a time.  The rest will follow:  not overnight, not even in a year or two, but in a few decades, our children will see – and thank us for – the difference.

Let’s get to it.



  1. I have no interest in being directly involved in politics but yesterday I put my name in for an open City Council position. Not an election but if I get appointed, makes the next election easier. We shall see.

  2. Picket your local store?!?
    Only if you could get 50,000 people, such that they couldn't get anyone in or out, for weeks at a time.

    If you had 50,000 like-minded friends in any town, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

    It is to laugh.

    When it suddenly combusts, OTOH, then the owners will pay attention.

    I seem to remember a camp song about "It only takes a spark"…

    Remember your Capone:
    "You'll get more respect with a kind word and a gun
    than you'll get with just a kind word alone…

    We didn't make those rules.
    But since the ones by Marquess of Queensbury were set on fire, it's only fair to use their rules against them to good effect. Bonus if you make it look like they did it.

    "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." – Saul Alinsky

    Challenge accepted, Comrade.

  3. This the best idea I have seen to date. We are not going to win a shooting war with the government. If we kill them it is murder if they kill us it is law enforcement. Showing up for local elections as well as low level civil disobedience when appropriate can be very effective. Would Texas have knuckled under to Gavin Newsom? No. We would treat his edicts the same way we treat speed limits. It would be interesting to hear the comments of Californians who come to the rose bowl after they go back home.

  4. Don't buy the bonds. Don't use those stores. Walk away. And get at least to the fringes of town. Ideally get somewhere where you can elect the sherrif.

    And the demonstrations only need an activist core. Not many. But instead those who are all in.

  5. You're right, of course. This feels eerily familiar, and not in any good way. Downtown Louisville feels like Sarajevo during a calm period, but things are better outside the core. The next few weeks will either make us or break us.

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